Bollywood has always been the hot topic of discussion among college students. Every student is the ardent fan of one or the other actor. And celebrities too have found very interesting ways of connecting with their fans via social media but in  the latest trend to reach the masses is through promotions. Every actor promotes his/her movie in every best way possible. Visiting colleges, educational institutions and malls are some of the ways.

Recently in my college MCM DAV  the upcoming stars  Sooraj pancholi and Athiya shetty paid their visit for promoting their movie Hero .They spent nearly  2 hours in the college in which there was singing of songs from their movie, speaking the dialogues from their movie, quiz etc. and they left. The question which arises here  is that what did we students get in return at the end of the day? They came promoted their movie and left. “WHAT WE GOT”? As no lecture had taken place that day the one precious day was spoilt completely. We had come to college to attend lectures and study. Everyone comes to college to learn something and that day what we were told was   ‘WHY  SHOULD WE GO AND WATCH THE MOVIE, HERO’. It is to be noted that every Friday one or the other movie gets released and so the trend will continue among actors of visiting colleges and promoting their movies. The fact can’t be ignored that these actors already are successful in their lives and we students are yet to make a career! And I don’t think by seeing their promotions or movies it is going to serve us any good or help in building up our careers. It is an open debate now whether these stars should be allowed to promote their movies at the cost of  our studies?

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Alisha Ghai

Alisha Ghai (MCM College 36)

Currently pursuing English honors from MCM DAV..I’m in my final year. Though i am not an avid reader yet an ardent fan of William Wordsworth..
Aspiring to be a  successful Journalist!


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