Fifty Shades of Love!


There are very few words whose meaning fluctuate with situation, people or maybe time. ‘Life’ and ‘Love’ remain in a flux- they are two such words which modulate or contrast with every new story. For some, ‘Love is Life’ and for others, ‘Life is Love’.

Life is not something I am writing on today as you have your own meaning to it. I’m going to script about Love, which might be a lodestar or the reason behind an unsuccessful story. While travelling one day, I met a girl who just looked at a lovely old couple and said, “I can’t love a single man for my whole life. There are so many qualities you can fall for”. That is the contrast I’m talking about, this distinction between reason and reality.

This busy-running 21st century has created fickle minded love or hollow love, which needs deference to “everything” and by ‘every’ I do mean every. It works on a ‘contingent’ policy; following only if certain circumstances are the case. It has become conditioned so much so that it is based on self validation or to bring some sort of comfort to your own self. “I love you because I just feel like doing it ‘today’” or maybe “You don’t have any choice but to love me because ‘I’ love you (with special emphasis to the word I)”. No doubt, we all have heard a girl leaving her boyfriend for another hot-shot-expensively dressed-driving Audi kind of a guy who naturally is unemployed and believes in ‘Dad ki kaish par aish’ and at the same time we also have witnessed a guy physically torturing his “Love” in the name of ‘You are mine and I have every freaking right to subdue you’. Now the question arises, what sort of love is this?

Another type of love which I have been a witness to is ‘I do love you but you need to change for me’. What is the point of falling in love with a person at first place if you feel like reversing his/her whole identity? The reason being, Love is defined on the basis of social status. We fall in love only when we find the other person beautiful or handsome enough which adds to our personality or compliment it. It is equivalent to an onus on a partner to satisfy the other person’s way of living. You cannot practically send photos of other girls to your girlfriend saying you should become like her. Logically, then you are infatuated by that wallpaper more than your own girlfriend. It goes without doubt that this classification of a love would obviously be demanding for physical relationship, because that’s a new trend. If you’re in love, you can only prove it through physical intimacy because it is a symbol of our pure ‘ek-dooje-ke-lie’ love, rest all sacrifices are just mere duty which you have to follow to be in a relationship.

The newest and the trendiest love is that of teenagers. I shouldn’t be saying it but it was a bit shocking as well as hilarious when a girl in 7th standard texted a boy saying, “I Love you baby!” It was cute but un-true. A 12 year old was swearing on life and death oblivious to the fact that our future is so uncertain. It’s not a child’s play to find a life partner and all thanks to these enlightening serials and books which make love too easy to see and read. Is it even possible for that child to comprehend those little sacrifices involved in making a married life (And I’m only saying married without good adjectives in front of it)? A child who cries her heart out if she scores a little less in test, is she even balanced or liable to support a family of her own? The answer is too obvious though.

All I say, even though being so meaningful the word ‘Love’ is lost in the mist of our selfishness. We should learn to respect not only the feelings of our partners but also treat them as another individual who have their own bubble of life. Love can never be altered by situations or materialistic benefits. The love which shakes your dignity is not true rather it is something which makes an individual more stringent, confident and a better person in life. As they say, the best love is the kind which awakens your soul it might do if you’re lucky to find your ‘The One’. Remember, it is not about possession rather it is about letting go. The day you’ll set yourself free, you’re sure to find someone who is too waiting to be loved and wanted, ready to be cuddled, might even laugh on your silly jokes and would not complain of you being so kiddish! So, just explore your chances, fall for someone again and may be again, but don’t be that clichéd boyfriend-girlfriend, of whom writers write about. Be the writer of your love story!

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Gauri Bhardwaj

Gauri Bhardwaj (MCM College 36)

According to me, a person without the hunger for knowledge requires to have a new birth. I simply believe in four beautiful words, ‘Humility’, ‘Positivity’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Knowledge’.


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