Fete fervor at GCG-42


Amid all the educational events and fests held in the colleges of the Tricity creating a competitive environment for students, the Commerce department of Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sector-42, made an effort to give the the students a break from studies and competitions and relax for a while by organising an open fete in the college campus.

There were loads of activities like, confessions, dedication of songs, Tarot Reading, ‘House of Screams’, various rides and everything that one requires to get a day off and fan out all the stress. There were stalls, where students could shop, eat, play fun games and even dance. Although it was a regular day at the college, with the classes regularly held, there was a spectacular crowd seen at the fete, having an incredible time.

It was an appreciable effort by the department, and the event, as expected was tremendously successful.

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Jyoti Kumar (PGGC 11)

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