Fests of GGDSD College (2018)


It is that time of the year again and GGDSD College is covered in twinkling lights, because it’s festive season for us!! The atmosphere is transcending with blue electricity and silver zest. (Yes, literally). The college crowd can see various groups doing flash mobs, plays and other events in front of our beloved canteen, as a part of marketing the events that are lined up for this month. Incase you’re wondering what’s special about these fests, then let’s help you discover by informing you, that GGDSD College does not have one fest for the whole college, but five- yes, FIVE fests- organised by different departments of the college, each promising its attendees a day filled with fun , games, prizes and obviously out of the world entertainment.

So, let’s help you schedule your calendar so that you don’t miss these amazing events!


DATE: FEBRUARY 21st, 2018

One of the biggest of the fests here, it’s organised by the Commerce And Management department ofGGDSD College. The fest includes a number of indoor events like Ad – Mad, Modelling and outdoor events like treasure hunt, making it a wholesome event filled with rhythms and fun. ‘Panache’ means flamboyant confidence of style or manner, and this fest truly lives upto its name *literally*.


DATE: FEBRUARY 22nd, 2018

From a Web designing contest to Fixit (debugging contest) they have it all! Yes, your technology infested self will find its haven here at this fest organised by the IT department of GGDSD college. The tech – heads come together to make this a successful event, and their oh-so-cute intelligent vibe for sure wins the hearts of the attendees.


DATE: FEBRUARY 23rd, 2018

Yes, the name gave it away! This fest is organised by the science department of the college. It’s a science – cum – cultural fest, so you can only imagine the results. With ‘Cairo’ as its theme this year, they promise to bring forth some super fresh and cool content. From dancing, to painting, from Battle of strings to Raps, they are a fun packed package.


DATE: FEBRUARY 24th, 2018

The fest is organised by the Arts department of the college, with double the enthusiasm and triple the fun. You must have heard that the art students are the most innovative and artistic, and if history is to be trusted, then this fest is a 3D representation of this. From drama, to modelling, everything is included, and everything is grade one!


DATE: FEBRUARY 28th, 2018

Virasat, is the grandest of all the fests. And that is its “Virasat”. The fest organised by the ruling party of the college, is a mix of all the talented minds of the college from all the streams. They put forth a vibrant culture, star performances, intra college performances and everything that you can imagine to be happening at a college fest! This one is sure a must attend event,and also the only one with the college performing as a single organisation, making it efficient and effective.

So, with this list at your disposal, make sure to red cross your days and be there to enjoy a week-long vacation with the SDians. P.S.- better hurry, because its going to be crowded!!

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