Feeding India, feeds kids in Ludhiana on World Dance Day


On the occasion of World dance day (on April 29, 2018), the ‘Feeding India’, team organized an awesome party for the kids of Hambran Road slums, Ludhiana (backside Dandi Swami Gaushala). This was all done under the guidance of program director Anirudh Sahi, Shivam Sahi and Anmol Narang and of course the hard work of the whole ‘FI’ team.

The event started with children dancing to the beats of music and imitating the volunteers. Not only the kids but also the members seem to enjoy it quite a bit. This was followed by a healthy happy meal which re-energised the upcoming motivational speech. Through the talk the team motivated the students and also put forth their further plans for welfare of the children. The end included giving return gifts to children. The children were beaming with happiness and their smiles were the evidence that they had spent the best time of their lives.

“On the World dance day we wanted to give them an opportunity to enjoy their lives and dance to beats of a dj, something they cannot afford”, said Anirudh Sahi the organiser. He also explained us about the FI team which is a team of ‘Hunger Heroes’ running in 35 plus cities and having provided for two million plus people. It was started two years ago with 10 members and now has 120 plus members and still more to go.

The event created lifelong memories for the kids. In my opinion this event not only energized their evenings but also their souls. It also bought in them a hope to create better future. Really the FI team did a great job and we salute them for it.

About the Author:

Devpriya Dang (PAU, Ludhiana)

Devpriya Dang is a poet, dancer, speaker an, artist and
a student of Punjab Agriculture Universiy, Ludhiana,
currently persuing btech biotechnology. When she is not
persuing academics excellence, she is either busy in
reading poetry or pumping her muscles up through
dancing. A complete family person, she believes in
greeting each face with a smile.
A state level dancer, Devpriya has also won many
awards in declamations and public speaking.
A strong and determined girl who believes in fighting
through the tough as a warrior, loves talking about
universe, souls and consciousness.

Jasmine (PAU, Ludhiana)

First year Msc integrated chemistry (hons.) student of Punjab agricultural university.


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