Feeding India feeds city children


Not for profit NGO Feeding India organised ‘be a hunger hero’ movement across more than 50 cities of the country from 10th to 20th October.

During this time, the members of the organisation, along with various volunteering people, set an ambitious target of feeding 10 Lakh needy people across the country.

In Chandigarh, the members of the organisation fed special children of Vatika School.
This food was volunteered, arranged, commuted and some even prepared by the members of Feeding India. German Bakers, Panchkula played a vital role by giving 100 pastries as a gift for the noble cause of the event.

The objective of the organisation is two fold. Firstly to provide good quality food to the poor and the needy, and secondly, simultaneously working towards managing the food wastage prevalent throughout the country.

For this event, members Rhea Malhotra, Akshat Mittal, Vibha Gangal, Anjali, Meha and Vinnie were present and these 6 people could feed more than 230 people in a day. The spare food after the main event in Vatika School, was taken and donated in the slum areas of Sector 38 and 25 in Chandigarh and also in the slums of Panchkula.

In the coming time in Chandigarh, Feeding India will encourage every restaurant, hotel and common household to donate the leftover food to the needy and will bring in awareness drives for the same.

The caption of the organisation is ‘Justice will be served, and served hot in plates.’



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