Fee-hike left PU Campus in protest


As the university authorities have ordered fee hike by 5%, the students of Punjab University protested in the university campus on 21st March, 2016. Among those majorly affected are the students from low economic background.  Shouting out loud anti-university slogans, the students of this first ranked university blocked the gate number 2 and sat in front of it.


The memorandum regarding the fee hike was released by PU on 15th Feb. 2016. It was rebuffed by students of Institution from the date it was released. To show dismissal, the students of varsity went on a chain hunger strike on 29th Feb 2016 but there was no response from the authorities even then.

Recently on 14th March 2016 a syndicate meeting was held but again students of university were disappointed as no decision was taken regarding fee hike. Thus, since the same date there are active protests taking place. Three students namely Shusham Noonia, Sahil Bhalla and Ravinder Billa are on indefinite hunger strike against the fee hike from 14th March. Hailing from PUSU, SFS and NSUI, all the major parties on campus, the protest is a unified way of showing disagreement on behalf of all students of the varsity.



Shusham Noonia, one of the students on hunger strike told PU Mirror that the University is under 150 Crore debt out of which only 1.10 Crore can be generated by hiking the fee by 5%; for rest 149 Crore rupees they again have to ask for funds from Centre and Punjab Government. Further getting agitated he said “Why VC, DUI and Dean are putting burden on the heads of students for the amount that they otherwise will get from Government funds?”

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