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Fantastic Four, well no-one expected it to be the next best comic book movie but the reception it got is truly horrendous. I hoped that it would be a dark horse and a nice departure from the constant feel good superhero movies marvel has been pumping out since 2008, unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.

Okay first of all let’s assume you the reader is someone who doesn’t know anything about the fantastic four comics and all you know is that there was a fantastic four movie with Jessica Alba and Chris Evans but didn’t watch it. Well this movie is not for you, this is not a faithful adaptation of the comic book characters, particularly the villain Dr Doom being a massive disappointment. There’s not enough action or comedy to keep you hooked. There are some moments of light-heartedness but the tone is inconsistent. If you see its marvel banner and expect a movie of the calibre of Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy which are excellent movies for any kind of audience you’ll be disappointed. There isn’t enough character development for the characters to make you care about what is happening to them.

The actors are excellent choices for the characters but they couldn’t do full justice to the characters. Still, they pulled the best job of what they could with the script, Miles Teller making an excellent Reed Richards.

The score was good, with the music matching the mood of the movie every step of the way and providing that oomph in the heat of the action.

So we have established that if you are not a comic book movies fan you might face some disappointment.

Now let us assume you the reader is a comic book movie fan, you have posters of RDJ or Heath Ledger on the walls of your room and you have respectable knowledge about fantastic four. I think for such a person it’s worth a watch, despite of all its shortcomings, the ideas that it showcases deserves to be watched. What it presents is a realistic take on the stories established but it requires foreknowledge of the characters present which is never a good thing for a reboot. There’s little fun and sparks in the movie so you won’t feel like leaving the hall. Sadly the ideas never come to fruition and fail to portray the fantastic four as a team, barely having 5 minutes of team action. The characters are never explicitly called  by their names such as Mr Fantastic or Human Torch, to keep it realistic.

Now what does it leave us with, Fox has made plans to push up Deadpool 2 in favour of the sequel of this movie, a reasonable move but it puts the future of this franchise in doubt. I wish it doesn’t get completely scrapped because it’s a different kind of take on comic book movies than the ones we are used to from marvel. Mostly people think it’s execution but I believe it requires a little something more than just good execution. Movies with a science fiction take on the comic book genre need to have a couple of cheeky elements from the comic book movies. For example in the movie if the team was named Fantastic four by the government early on, it might have been out of place but it wouldn’t be so much as to change the tone of the whole movie, even Christopher Nolan namedropped Robin in the dark knight trilogy.A sort of combination of the comic book style of the marvel cinematic universe and the realistic science fiction genre will be the perfect new approach for superhero movies which I hope its sequel if it gets made can capture.



  1. Good cast.
  2. Good score.
  3. Some moments of sparks.



  1. Little or no character development
  2. Dr Doom is a big disappointment.
  3. Most visual effects fall flat.
  4. Tonal inconsistency.

If you are not a fan of comic book movies stay away from this one.


If you are a fan then watch it for the ideas it present even though it has bad execution.


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