Fanney Khan really living up to its title


Does a movie that promises a five-star cast necessarily be great? Well, your questions will most definitely be answered after watching the movie ‘Fanney Khan’.

Having a lead cast with stars like Anil Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the Indian audience is immediately swayed and booked to watch the comeback of the latter actor and winner of the Miss World 1994 pageant. The movie also debuted the young Pihu Sand, who actually has a major role considering the script but, unfortunately, is, in comparison shown very little light.

The story initially goes around in a very scripted format where the child of an ‘outdated’ small town artist is horribly fed up with her father’s attempts to make her a Superstar. Pihu Sand is shown as a talented young girl, who due to her physical appearance,  is always shown the way-out after a series of rude comments from the audience. On the other hand, Baby Singh (the role played by Aishwarya Rai) is portrayed as the top-chart artist who seems to have the largest fandom in the country. The plot later, to weave the two simultaneous stories, involves an incident where ‘Fanney Khan’, Anil Kapoor, kidnaps the famous artist and goes on to fulfill his daughter’s and his own dream to make the outcasted girl a recognized and respected singer.

Though, the director desperately makes attempts to stretch the movie to fit the Indian standards; the element he most evidently drifts from is logic.

To break it down, the main reason for such a failed creation is the extremely poor script. There are two reasons why a man can sit through a movie; either because they need the mystery question finally solved so, that they can get good sleep or due to the timeless creation of performing art. For this movie, it has to be the first. The sad event of the movie is that they do not focus on one aspect, the movie is turned to so many different possible outcomes (not in a thrilling-sleuthing manner) that when the ending comes the crowd is just dead on imagination. Moreover, the end is not very smart either.

When dealing with sensitive issues about fat-shaming, felonies, etc. there is always a need to make the audience understand that the circumstances in a film are fictional and in no way close to reality. It must, in all manner push their viewers to interpret ‘the good’ about the movie; which was another aspect that went into the shade for the creators and therefore causing the backlash.

I rate this movie a single star i.e. a one on five.

Its saving grace is the accurate performance of the two stars; Pihu Sand and Divya Dutta that didn’t receive too much limelight.


Pihu Pathania- Jesus and Mary College, DU


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