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So before I start, let me make one thing clear. When I say originals, I refer to original works, and not the vampires.

Fanfiction Vs Originals. A battle, which will probably have more debaters than any World Cup match. Readers go crazy, as do writers, when it comes to these two types of writing.

Now let me first explain what exactly, is fanfiction. Some of you might be aware. It is a story written, based on existing stories and their characters, moulding them according to the fan-writers wish.

For example, I wrote a fanfic during my early angsty teenage days, on how Hermione dies during a battle between Harry and Ron (fun fact: It happens in the seventh book’s timeline when Ron leaves). I have no idea till date why I killed her off. But I did. And that is the liberty that fanfiction provides to you.

(Another fun fact) The book Fifty Shades of Gray was originally an Edward-Bella story in the Rated-M section (titled Masters of the Universe).

So anyway, back to the topic. Now for some like me, fanfiction is heaven on Earth. It is a way of being etc. etc. and I could go on forever.

However, for some it is a blasphemy. Lucifer reincarnated, or probably his reincarnation’s writings. I have seen these debates happening live online and trust me, they all still use the same curses!

So we think, which one is better? An original book, or a story written on existing material, aka fanfiction.

Let me give my unbiased opinion as a person who loves both the writing styles equally. In both you will find good and bad. Sometimes there will be an amazing novel, with no errors and the plot will be, in a single word, nonexistent. Then again there will be books with beautiful writing styles and absolutely mind blowing scenes!

Sometimes there will be a fanfic which will make you pull your hair due to the multiple grammatical mistakes. Then there could be one, where two chapters in and you are hooked. You know there is something and you just have to find it (and comment and let the author know!).

For me, I have been fond of original works since LKG. I started with Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and now my reading has expanded to almost all genres. As for fanfiction, I have been reading it for eight years or more and still can’t stop.

This is a journey (and I mean for me and you too, maybe) which will probably never end, because even in heaven I would probably have a stack of books to the left, finishing one after the other, and placing them to the right. I just hope they have decent net signal for fanfiction. I will pay too!

PS (very important) A few hours back I finished a fanfic which had me stuck to the laptop screen for three hours straight. It was a psychological thriller, with big hints of the supernatural genre. However, by the end the reader realizes that even the supernatural elements can be based on the main character’s psyche. Or it could actually exist. We might never know as the author leaves us with that sort of ending.

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