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When everything goes to hell, the people who stand beside us without flinching –  they are our family. Family where life begins and love never ends. A circle of strength, founded faith, unconditional love and constant support that makes us what we are and who we want to be. There comes a time where we need someone around us with whom we can talk, share moments and emotions – We then, have our FAMILY.

Regardless of our relationship with our family, we will miss them when they are gone from our life. So let’s love them more because the more we love them, more we get time to celebrate life. It is said that having someone to love is a family, having somewhere to go is home and if we have an opportunity to grab both of them, its a blessing in disguise. So if they stop us from doing anything, they care for us. If they scold us for doing anything that harm us, that’s because they love us.

They say behind every man’s success there is a woman but I also believe that behind every morally nurtured child there is his family which builds him with moral values and transform him into a man of principles. This is amazing to say that whenever I get hurt of something or by someone the only means of console in my life is my mother. She sits next to me and listen to every glitch of my life, my emotional support. That’s what she is. To know what actually real world looks like there is a man who is a true guidance, a teacher who teaches  me at a very odd moments of life when he actually is not trying to teach me. I believe ,father is a mentor who makes us strong by little scraps of wisdom. By all his experience he makes us realise about the practicality of life.

You know if you have a brother, you surely don’t need any friend in your life because he is the one who not only irritates you with all his unpleasant activities but also protects you by every means of flaws in life. What a strange piece of creature a brother is?  He fights,  he irritates and even gets jealous when your mom loves you more than him but at the same time he is next to you just like a soul of your body – a shoulder where you can put your head on and feel free to cry, ask for help whenever in need. For me he is my idol, my Inspiration to fulfill all my aspirations of life. For me he is a support system wherein I can eat his head up for not just to provide me with a solution but also to mess around with people, not literally though. I always need him to mend my broken spirit.

All that I just said above can make that clear that Family is Life. Family is God. Treat them with the utmost priority of life because whatever you are today its only due to their unique presence.

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Anmol Kak

Anmol Kak (MasCom Dept, PU)

I love watching movies, dancing, exploring new things, observing people around. Music is something without which life is incomplete. I dislike fakeness and diplomacy. I believe in living every bit of life. Be mad. Be crazy. Be your own kind of individual. Stay happy, stay beautiful is what i emphasis on.


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