Fall of a Captain: Will Dhoni’s Resignation Set Sun Over Indian Cricket Team?

Cricket followers have recently got a great shock with the resignation of M.S. Dhoni from the position of a captain on January 4th, 2017. He has been the most successful captain of the Indian Cricket Team, who has not only entertained his fans with a range of unorthodox shots, but also with a unique style of keeping.
He has single handily brought India and his IPL team victory from jaws of defeat many times. While his calmness has earned him respect in the cricketing world, he did surprise many people with his unexpected decisions; like when he gave Joginder Sharma who was an inexperienced bowler the last over in the t20 world cup final in 2007 which turned out to be a master stroke as India won that match by 5 runs, thus becoming the first t20 champions. He promoted himself up the order in the 2011 World Cup final and played a match winning innings of 93 runs thus making India the 2011 World Cup champions. Then he led India to victory in 2013 Champions trophy in England which was unexpected as India was not known to be good overseas and was under the spotlight for the IPL spotfixing case.
MS Dhoni has been a lone warrior for his team whenever situations got dicey. He is a man of surprises and he seemed to have kept his title when he surprised everyone by getting married in 2010 as he had not made his marriage a media display.
In 2014 he suddenly announced his test retirement without giving a hint to anyone in the dressing room, likewise he resigned from the captain of the limited overs team. He has not ever tried to get into limelight and has let his team enjoy the victory moments without showing much excitement. His resignation as captain looks questionable as champions trophy is around the corner and in such situation he should not have given the reins to another person. 
We might want to believe that the undue pressure of the media could have played a role in his resignation as the captain. He however, has not left cricket altogether at this point. He is still in the side as a wicket-keeping batsman and will lead India against England in the warm up match on January 10th 2017. He will also lead his IPL side as he is still the best as any team’s captain. Not only that, he might have to lead the Indian team temporarily in the absence of Virat Kohli.
What affect the new captaincy of Virat Kohli will bring about is for time to tell. But what is most prominent is that M.S. Dhoni will be missed as captain of Indian Cricket Team by cricket fans throughout the world.
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