Faith behind bars.


An awe-inspiring stretch of liveliness surrounds in the magnanimous campus of Punjab University. While we have every needful resource available in the vicinity, from stationery, food, clothes, to plenty of bird watching spaces invented by students in lieu to regain the lost interest over endless library hours; there is but another corner that strikes the best shade for me! More in the aesthetic form of nature that I believe in, I believe my senses sooner or later would have found themselves a refuge. The amalgamating boundaries of a temple and a Gurudwara beautified along the semi-forest ‘campus-meadows’ which often are marked with the company of a strolling peacock or two, as if celebrating the peace the imagery paints for once unbelievable to your human eyes!

It was a cheerful day, as every single one turns out here in the campus for me with my girl-friends( tripling on scooties is another bliss we’re advantaged of in the campus while you can measure the entire sector tree-by-tree). We got off the classes soon(won’t promote how) and since it was a windy day, the girls had to put their bands and gears on for the explore till you drop ride. A little over-enthusiastic as it reads, seems just especially when you’re a fresher! We no sooner got to this far end of the campus expecting and intending to visit a temple, when we were amazed by the sight we then held. The temple and the gurudwara were built with adjoined walls, each facing a different direction but as if directing the same way, or so we thought.

This scenic peace of mind does but carries more value than what each of their religion imparts… it is the idea of giving refuge to the lost, the scared, the weak to help restore faith in the omnipotent unknown by hinting him to be but one. For he might be divided by boundaries of lands or prides of ardent sects crushing the secular constitutional beliefs; his essence ironically consists of the same matter for each and all. Yes, it is true that the way to spirituality can be only seen with closed eyes(applicable to the material world only and not to your inner conscience) but not by being blinded to the extravagant or pompous display of idol worship that too of some human form!

The high sarcastic spirits of Indians are surely commendable to be able to laugh off over the mockery made out of religion by ‘iconic’ characters(or actors) like Asharam Bapu, Nirmal Baba, Gurmeet Ramrahim and then ofcourse women you know these days prove to be a tough competition to men in every field just as Radhe Ma seems to bag the most popular award for the category; this does but question the religious and even moral sensibility of us as citizens propagating this now a cultural ‘show’ all over the world. Likely as it is, we are very much approaching a day when this religion-reduced-to-business trend would hit higher than the sensex(cows>bulls); the calm in such chaos I guess could be looked amidst these words: In Onkar, i.e. God is one and fortunately he believes only in forgivance and not the greedy or the vice.


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Natasha Negi (M.A.(English), PU Campus)

Pursuing M.A.(English) from Panjab University. A bibliophile and an avid reader. Believe in instigating humanity and keeping in touch with the downtrodden part of the society. More so love to capture such spontaneity around in negatives and ink. Ear for all kind of music as long as it moves your bones or beats. Full time observer and thinker.


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