Facts from 2017 which went unnoticed!


New hopes, new avatars, new zeal and an initial struggle to write 2018 instead of 2017; it’s 2018 already! Many of you would agree that the previous year was one when a lot of dynamics poured in to our lives, whether be it the personal front or the world on a holistic level. The year was indeed a roller-coaster ride for all the elements belonging to the world with every change having a significance of its own.

From the Pentagon’s UFO program to death by cyanide at the UN court, here are a few unsung news stories you probably didn’t hear about in 2017.

1. Scientists have found a way to successfully re-breed sections of The Great Barrier Reef.

2. Once Amazon’s new headquarters is finished, it will include space to shelter 200 homeless people.

3. The snow leopard has been taken off the endangered list.

4. HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa.

5. Honey bee populations have increased by 27%. Researchers have also found an insecticide that doesn’t kill bees.

6. A shoe company in Argentina has been established that makes shoes from recycled tires and employs only women from rural areas.

7. Conservationalists agreed to plant 73 million trees over the next 6 years in the Amazon rainforest. New Zealand’s next prime minister wants to plant 100 million trees next year.

8. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, crime has decreased by 2.7% this year.

9. Child labor rates have declined by half since 2000.

10. The war in Eastern Ukraine, also called the War in Donbas, has been grinding on ever since the end of 2014 and although it rarely makes US headlines, it is still no closer to stopping.

11. In Lexington Kentucky, people who get parking tickets can pay them off by donating canned goods to the local food banks.

12. 2017 was the United Nations’ International year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

13. While the official number of deaths in Puerto Rico that have occurred as a result of Hurricane Maria sits only at 64, at least 1052 people have died in the aftermath of the hurricane. They weren’t included in the official death toll because their bodies were not examined to determine the cause of death. The government had also allowed funeral homes to burn the bodies of the dead to cut down on burial costs.

With so many facts being unheard and unseen from our senses, we yet had a lot to explore and experience in the year 2017. And with even more zeal and vigor, we all have entered in to a new phase, all geared up to come across several other such mind-boggling instances and facts.

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