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The weather seems to be PMSing and the humans are okay adjusting to it’s mood-swings. But our stratified squamous epithelium (chill, it means skin) seems to adjust not so much. The frequent changes lead to it expressing it’s unhappiness and as a result our visage has to suffer the wrath. Chemical peels and treatments might give you the desired results but hey, they do have their shortcomings!

Being heavy on the pocket as you have to be regular once you start with it, is one aspect but the actual horror unleashed once you realize what you are exposing your skin to.

So, ladies and gentlemen and humans of earth who believe that sticking to one gender role is utter nonsense(you got my support), it’s time to pay our respective kitchens a visit. Our great grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers were without a doubt beauty gurus before Bobbi Brown even made that a thing. Or whoever made it a thing. Let’s pay homage to our roots and pamper our skin with a good dose of organic magical components.

The following face packs are simple and the materials required are easily procurable. Don’t worry, won’t send you off to buy avocados now. Would I?

The measurements will vary from person to person and the quantity they desire. But as long as you get the right consistency, it’s fine.

1) Chickpea Flour(Besan) + Plain Yogurt: 

Works like magic and cleans your skin making it baby soft and supple. The quantity of curd being used should be decent enough as you have to cover your entire face with it. The colour should be yellowish, thanks to the besan. And consistency can be runny-sticky (slightly clumpy). It also helps in getting rid of tan. Apply it for some good 15 minutes, wash it with normal temperature water or whatever floats your boat.

2) Fullers Earth(Multani Mitti ) + Plain yogurt: 

multani mitti
Multani Mitti is famous all over for it’s oil absorbing property. Mixing it with curd which is anti-bacterial in nature will promise lesser inflammations and cleaner pores and skin. Your mixture should have a runny consistency. Apply it for 20 minutes as you want it to be completely cement dry.

3) Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti) + Rose Water: 

A wonderful face pack for your pores and skin. This will act as a cleanser and work like pixie dust. Since you are only mixing it with rose water, this face pack will have a sort of clumpy consistency and dry real quick once you apply it to your face. Hence this is an easier face pack as it doesn’t consume a lot of time.

4) Honey:

You can use honey as it is, on your face for 10 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. It’s anti-bacterial and ‘Hello! it will make your skin radiant’ property make it one of the most sought after organic product. You can add a teaspoon of it to any of the above mentioned face-packs and notice the wonders.

PRO TIP 1 – Always gently pat your face dry. Don’t rub or scratch. Use a clean towel, always.

PRO TIP 2 – If you think that you can be allergic to any of the organic components, make sure you run a test patch on your forearm before you lather your face with it.
PRO TIP 3 – If you are on a time crunch and don’t have even 5 minutes to spare. Grab an ice cube and rub it all over your face. It will help tighten the pores and waking your skin up. It will also reduce inflammation around pimples.
PRO TIP 4 – Eating healthy also helps in achieving that natural glow and so does drinking 7-8 glasses of water. Oh, do you even sleep?

( P.S I have observed that being happy from deep within not only makes you 10 times more attractive, but it also give you this glow that even a caviar face pack can’t promise. *Wink Wink* )

Why should girls have all the fun?

Ice ice baby.

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