Eye Donation underlined by ‘Sacred Hearts’


The students of Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Sector 26 took a step forward to address the issue of eye donation in Sector 17 on September 3, 2016. Collaborating with Government Medical College & Hospital, Sector 32– Chandigarh, State Health Society and Lion Club; the young lads were up to inform the crowd on the alarming issue.

The event, named as ‘NAV DRISHTI’, was a part of the ‘Eye Donation Fortnight Celebration’ that commenced from August 25 and would end on September 8. Street plays were acted out, highlighting the plight and repercussions of being blind. They also performed mono-acts, orchestra and dance acts to seek attention of the public towards this noble cause. The volunteers urged everyone to contribute a certain sum of money for the needy and become a part of this social drive.

The girls provoked the interest and attention of the mob by shouting out slogans like “Eye donation, make your family tradition”, “Netra daan– Mahadaan” and displaying beautiful hoardings made by themselves.

Thus, the event was a great success due to the earnest efforts of students and as a result of which, many people came forward to support the cause and swore to donate their eyes for those in need.

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