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The Commerce Department of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Sector-26 Chandigarh organized ‘Expressions’: a cultural cum academic fest for the students of commerce stream on February 23, 2018. The event was inaugurated by the head of department, Dr. Tejinder Singh Brar and the event-in-charge, Dr. Rimpi Kaur where they welcomed all the teams from different colleges at 10 AM. It comprised of events such as collage making, ad-mad, cartooning, business quiz and business case study. The event marked its beginning at 11 AM in the morning whereby all the events took place simultaneously and the participants participated in all of them enthusiastically.

There were different games as well to relief the competitive stress of the students. Also, there were different cultural performances where the host team students danced to the beats of popular music and everyone joined along in the same. The event received a major outflow of entries as compared to last year which therefore signifies improvement on part of the management team.

“The event was initially started from the year 2016 and the team has decided to continue to organize the same for the coming years on a larger scale”, said Ms. Karamwant Kaur, student co-ordinator of the event.

At 12:30 pm the results for the respective contests were released and the prizes were given away by the Principal of the college Mrs.Jyoti Lamba. The winning team for the business quiz was the host team and on the other hand GGDSD College sector-32 received second prize in business case study. The event was concluded by a vote of thanks from the head of department and a soothing song sung by her to help the students realize the fact that we need to enjoy every moment of life while keeping a balance in both academics and cultural activities. The fest not only ensured that the students get accustomed to the in-depth knowledge and elements of the field of Commerce but also confirmed that the participants are equally active towards cultural outlook.

Expression 2018 therefore was a major mark in the degree of organization and management by the commerce department. It helped the students to bring forward their inbuilt talent and have a sense of confidence amongst them.


Here’s an interview with the organizer of Expression 2k18- Ms. Karamwant Kaur, student co-ordinator of the event.

Q What is the whole idea of the event?

A The expression club of the commerce department is preparing it’s commerce fest. In order to make a successful event, we lookout for various dedicated volunteers to take part in the organising of the event and to participate in various activities like Quiz competition, business case study, ad-mate.

Q What are the highlights which you want to confront to the students?

A This event basically highlights academic events, help to boost moral of the students, help to build up their academic quality they participated in ad- mate, collage making which help them to innovate their ideas and thoughts .

Q When did Expression kick off?

A Expression formed in 2015 consist of inter colleges competitions. First event held in 2016 then in 2017, and now in 2018.

Q What are your expectations from the event and how this year’s fest different than past years?

A Expectation is basically to make student more active and bring platform to enrich their ability, relative talent. Many improvements are done this year as participation is higher than earlier, many new academic activities like cartoon making, buisness studies are organized.

Q How it will help students to innovate their ideas and thoughts?

A Because of many improvements as per earlier years, this year the organising team consists of 48 members of club and massive participation which help students to innovate their ideas.

Q Any future goals to carry forward the fest on large scale or any other element that will be added in coming years?

A We want to bring cultural events along with academic ones on large platform to make this fest forward to a larger scale.

Q What is main reason behind this fest?

A To make student academically good and active and to help them to step forward with a great field of commerce and academic in management.

Q How would you know that you were successful to convey the idea of this fest to the student?

A When it was held on 2k17 the participation of the students were very less as compared to today’s fest this shows that the students want  to participate with enthusiasm.

Q What are the biggest part of the fest and what it consist of?

A This event consist of various competitions like quiz competition, buisness case study, this year we added ad-mate, collage making, cartoon making competitions which lead to the overall development of the students.

Q What are the challenges you suffered the most during organising this event?

A Funds are the most amazing challenge for our team to make this event successful but this year it was well sponsored and ended well.

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