Excessive and Unreasonable Fines Enrage the Students at GGDSD College


The much anticipated roll numbers for the December 2017 semester examinations came at a high price in GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh. In an incident which was foreseeable by most of the students, the college charged high fines to majority of the students.

This doesn’t come as a shock as GGDSD College has been charging fines at higher notes, since a few years now. Also, it is quite evident that the college is keen on maintaining this tradition as the fines haven’t decreased this year either, despite multiple protests from aggravated students or its media coverage. The only welcome change was the transition from the offline payment mode to an online window on the college website. While it enabled the students to get hold of a receipt, which has previously never been provided by this college, this online mode didn’t prove to be of much help either as students hassle in queues to get their roll numbers.

Wherein the fines in most of the colleges of Chandigarh don’t cross the ceiling of Rs. 1000 on an average, with even DAV College reducing its fine to 20% of what was initially imposed on students this year, GGDSD College has charged fines as high as Rs 2600. The college authorities haven’t barged from their tradition of harassing the innocent students who question them. Instead of redressing their grievances, the college authorities have been giving vague replies. Moreover, they’re remaining mum on the criteria of allotting fines to different students.

According to a student who chose to remain anonymous, “I was charged Rs. 1400. All my mid-semester examinations were clear and my attendance was around 33%. When I approached the Automation Cell to inquire about the details of the fine, they interrogated me about my mid-semester marks and my attendance. According to them, I was lucky enough to get my admit card with this much of attendance. But then, I argued that I have friends who haven’t given any mid-semester examinations and their attendance is not even 33%, yet they have been charged only Rs. 400. I was dismissed and told not to compare my fines to others.

It seems as if the fines were allotted on a random lottery basis, just like the varied explanations the college is busy giving to the exasperated students.

According to another student who doesn’t wish to be named either, “My fine is Rs. 2600. When I approached the Automation Cell for the details of my fine, I was told that I have been charged  Rs. 1600 for my 9% attendance and the rest Rs. 1000 is because of my mid-semester examinations. I really don’t understand the mid-semester excuse. Maybe I failed in them, but then I know people who didn’t even appear for them and you don’t see them being asked to pay such a huge amount. Most of them have been charged around Rs. 1000.

The question that remains unanswered is that what exactly are these fines for and on what basis have they been allotted? The college authorities refuse to give a straight-forward and honest answer, just like they do every year. So are the students just supposed to sit and pay these hefty fines, without any explanation whatsoever? Or will the college authorities ever step – up and answer their students?

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