Examination-Appearances can be deceptive


Even though India has the second largest population in the world, it has a gigantic population of nearly 315 million students, making our younger lot’s population the largest. But there’s one fear which continuously lurks in the minds of more than half of this population, which is, the fear of examination! We all have, at some point of our lives, been through the pressure, anxiety and the nervousness the exams bring along with them. But, as it is said that every coin has two sides, let’s witness the ‘lesser’ known side of this coin.

Do exams have only a negative impact on us? Is it the examination or our pre-conceived notion attached to it which makes us terrified of it? Are exams really “that” bad?

How do you react to your results after you witness your burnt mid night oil reflecting in it? The amount of satisfaction derived from it is unparalleled and definitely triumphant. The absence of examination would keep you deprived of this out-worldly feeling! Now again, you are not always victorious. But wouldn’t the closed door in that particular field, open many in the other? Who knows, you might turn out to be a grand success in the latter?

Examination acts as a ladder for self introspection and turning your weaknesses into your strengths. Even the ‘fear of failure’ can be channelized into the spirit of healthy competition and can act as a driving force for being complacent.

The quantification of progress clearly marks the distinction between the cream and the average. It makes you feel determined to stand out of the crowd. It instills positivity, enthusiasm, and brightens your vision to focus on your target. It appears to be a win-win situation! You strive for more, your work is added with a tinge of perfection and the recognition you receive, makes you never lose hope. Why not to try and try until we succeed? After all, we humans are the most intellectual creatures with abundant potentials waiting to be unfurled!

So what are YOU waiting for? Push the negativity aside, fill yourself with vigor and vibrancy, pull up your socks and take up the battle and be invincible!

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