Exam-Time: 8 Tips To Keep Calm And Kill Stress


The period of March to May is a stressful time for students with exams ranging from that of boards to the entrances to get into different colleges after that. And if that was not all, you have various competitive exams coming on the way to sip all the energy out of your soul. Yes, there is a lot of stress among students at this time of the year. And what it ultimately leads to is mood swings, negative thinking, helplessness and suicidal tendencies; and all this rooting from stress, which is absolutely of no use.

There are ways to counter such stress related issues, and to keep your head cool and your mind running. PU Mirror culminates a list of 8 points to help you sail through. 

1.) Plan your study hours in your mind, if you cannot adhere to a fixed schedule given by someone.

2.) Do some physical activity for a short period everyday.

3.) Read sample papers of the subjects which you are preparing for exam.

4.) Read the newspaper daily. Or better watch TV for sometime as it will not only de-stress you but if you manage to stick to the news channel, will make you aware of the happenings in the world and will help in your competitive exams.

5.) Help a friend who is in stress by giving him or her moral support, in personal or over the phone if that person needs it.

6.) Avoid group studies! You end up wasting time; many people end up gossiping in group study hours.

7.) Stay positive! Nothing is worse than worrying when action is required.

8.) Have small meals throughout the day.

Things not to do during examination,

1.) Avoid watching stressful programs on TV.

2.) Avoid negativity from inside.

3.) Do not think about the past and the future! Only stay in the present!

Now the tips have been given. Adhering will definitely yield benefit, but then again, find your own course and rule it.

All the best for the exams!

About the Author:

Aarush Munjal (UILS, PU Campus)

Aarush Munjal
(UILS, PU Campus)

Dreams to be a sports broadcaster with Star Sports. A sports enthusiast and in love with writing.


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