Eve teasing, Stop it!

Sometimes I fail to understand that,
“Whether I am climbing the ‘Stairs’ OR the ‘Stares’ are climbing me”!
This statement basically sums up our lives. Our daily routine does not consist only of our college and chores ,it also subsists of alot more,rather I’d say alot more effort.
The effort to dress decently, to walk gently ,to talk softy and most importantly to become a ‘Sati-Savitri’.
But ,if for a second we stop and think, WHY are we doing this?WHY do we push so hard? And WHY do we behave like puppets? The answer to this is fear of eve teasing.
Day-In-Day-Out girls are being Teased,statistically 6 girls out of 10 are victims.
Today, these WASP FACED MEN follow us, pass comments on us , make us feel ashamed when we wear shorts or any such clothing which may reveal the slightest bit of skin, but is not provocative in any way.They make us want to run away.
Isnt it funny that you dont have to be pretty or thin or fair or bold ;you just have to be a GIRL, because thats all they care about. Now,if you are fat ,they’ll call you a ‘PIG’ and if you are thin they’ll call you a ‘PINE’, if you are tall they’ll call you a ‘PILLAR’ and if you are short ,they’ll call you a ‘POD’.But Ladies,this is not how it should be ,this isnt what we are meant for ,We are here for alot more than being disrespected by boys.Ignite the Fire within you and more importantly know who you are . Think twice before letting go of a guy who teased you. So ,The next time a guy teases you..slap him on the face,push him with a thrust, let him feel the shame and the same disgust !

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medha banta

Medha Banta (UILS, PU Campus)

Law student.Happy go lucky.I am adebator and as a writer I enjoy writing on bold topics!Also I believe that the best things come in small packages


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