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A 250 ml glass, a 500 ml mug, a 1000 ml pitcher or a 2000 ml tower, I am always confused as to how much beer do I want to order. For the only motivation I have to slog through the week is, when I know it will end with beer on Saturday.

Even Benjamin Franklin said that beer is a proof that God wants us to be happy. So what are you waiting for, pick up your best pals and head off to Brew Estate, Sector 26.

Located on one of the busiest Margs of the City Beautiful, it’s an ambient setting, nestled right amidst the hub of our city. But then when you have the Golden Nectar to pour down your throat and the company of your greatest friends, who cares about the ambiance?

Advising a pre-booking on Saturdays and Sundays, walk in till 1 A.M. and savour their freshly brewed potions. Offering four beer options:-

  • ·    The Premium German Lager known for its full bodied malty flavour and crisp bitterness. Go for it if you like! It’s light caramel flavour and high alcohol content (5%-7%).


  • ·       If your palate is tantalised by the lighter brews, go in for the Bavarian Weiss which has a taste of the original German Wheat and is flavoured with traditional purity law. Yes, it is the smoothest beer they have to offer!


  • ·       For the orange citrus-y lovers, there is the Belgian Witwith the zest of an orange and a cool, refreshing taste.


  • ·       And for those hardcore beer lovers, order a 3000ml tower of Red Ale. It is the darkest lager they serve and once you’re tipsy enough, it gives you a larger-than-life experience that as a strong palate, relish and leave you smelling and tasting of coffee.

Leaving no leaf unturned, for those of you who aren’t real beer aficionados, there is an array of cocktail and classics that you will surely love. The Earl Gray G&T, CoCo and the Cookie Irish Cream Shake are my recommendations.

Sadly, some need a compliment with the best drinks too. Order their Chakhna Platter and the Momos steamer that has out of the world wood fired cheesy dumplings to offer.

For the Punjabi Non-Veg lovers, TalliJheenga and the Beer te Cheese mil gya Chicken Tikka is a must must.

Amongst the hustle bustle of the brewery and the confused servers, you will definitely enjoy getting drunk and sharing cherished moments with your special and loved ones.

A closing cautionary, DRINK IN LIMIT and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! Let Uber serve you and yes it’s also a café during the day!

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy beer and that’s the same thing, right?

Burrah Chandigarh Shenanigans!! Don’t wait for the right moment. Just create one right now. Enjoy!!

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