Environmental Karma


“What Goes Around, Comes Around”

 People refer it to as the rule of “Karma” and it goes the same with everything around; small or big, weak or powerful. So, can we say; all recent the natural disasters happening around the world, one by one, that have already taken and ferociously continue to take a heavy toll on human lives and property is earth’s response to human karma? Are all the recent natural disasters a sum to the total of human mistakes and carelessness we today know as global warming and unsustainable development?

I believe yes.

Currently, hurricane ‘Irma’, which struck Cuba and took more than 20 lives in the Caribbean region, is showing its wrath on the U.S. state of Florida. This hurricane is so intense in nature that it shook the meteorologists, who claim it to be totally unprecedented and unexpected. Irma emerged just a week after hurricane ‘Harvey’ finished traumatizing people of USA especially in Huston, Texas. ‘Harvey’ too took a lot from the American people, and made sure it leaves behind Irma to cause the same wrath on whatever was remnant. The pair left people broken and hopeless.

Another natural disaster that rattled down the Mexico with a twin punch of 8.1 magnitudes is called earthquake ‘Katia’. The government has already declared three days off to mourn the death of 67 people.

The list doesn’t end here. India, a developing nation in South-East Asian region too became a victim of catastrophic floods which came along with lashing rain. The flood in Gujarat, Assam and West Bengal and even Mumbai nearly paralyzed the affected regions. The number of deaths recorded in each of this region can make you drop your jaw.

Beginning from June to September  the occurrence of all sorts of natural havocs in such short intervals, in the different parts of the world invokes the realization of 2012 prophecy: The world will. So, should we conclude this period to be the beginning of the doomsday? These floods, quakes, hurricanes, are not only part of “what goes around comes back to you the  philosophy of ‘karma’, but also a wakeup call for the entire world. The civilization of human beings is growing in a manner that is unsustainable for the environment and thus, has unleashed the monsters called ‘climatic change’ and ‘global warming’, which in turn is going heavy on human lives.

Considering the reality that it is absurd and suicidal to go against the laws of nature, it is needful to fall in line now. Probably, this could be our last chance to correct the harm done.

This discussion is not heading towards the cooperation among the world leaders but the individual efforts of persons in every corner of the human society.  Minimal Petroleum and diesel vehicles, maximum plantation of trees, rational use of water and its conservation are all few measures that man is almost reluctant to adopt and therefore, has contributed to the creation of monster at each individual level.

World leaders make short-term policies but, we on our own have to act forever. It is not an onerous responsibility, but an act to protect our home and conserve it for ourselves and for the next generation.

“You do good to earth and earth will do good for you in turn”.

 This is environmental karma!

About the Author:

Kishlay Sinha (DAV College 10)

A gregarious man with diverse academic exposure studied in India and abroad. A Professional guitarist and just love music and good food. Writing is my strength it is my own voice reaching out to the masses to make a difference.


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