Enough Opportunities for Budding Engineers?


Placement sessions at UIET are in full swing. Companies are visiting the institution to pick the most deserving candidate from a large pool of budding engineers. The students are also enthusiastically participating in the recruitment drive. But wait! Is everyone equally enthusiastic? Is everyone welcoming these companies with equal fervor?

The views on this may vary from one person to another. But as a student of the Core branch, I would have to say that the scenario in the core branch is extremely different when compared with the other branches. While the other candidates may be energetic and happy to welcome these companies for campus recruitments, those of core branch, unfortunately, aren’t!

 ‘Core’, here, refers to the Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics branch. We are the core engineering aspirants. We work on machines, devices, systems, signals, levers, pulleys and what not. But are we really bursting of joy these days? Do we fervently wait for the recruiters to show up in our campus in the morning? Do we get butterflies in our stomach thinking about our future job prospects? Sadly, no.

We have struggled to understand and master the very fundamentals of engineering since the past 3.5 years. We have learnt almost every basic thing a real engineer needs to know. And now we are striving hard to fetch an opportunity in order to experience what it feels like to be a ‘real’ engineer in the actual world and lay our hands on real machinery. But the core students are not getting any companies to associate with, which is not the least bit surprising. The companies visiting us are IT consultancies, finance consultants or software companies like Gemini Solutions, ZS Associates, and Bristlecone etc. These are indeed brilliant opportunities for those who are interested in dealing with the corporate world or who want to pursue career in management.

However, what about the core engineering students? Especially those like me, who want to discover new opportunities in dealing with real life engineering problems. The ones who aren’t good at coding and programming, how can they cope with software companies? Ones who are not good at management or finance or are simply not interest, how are they expected to perform well at big corporate firms? We are stuck with the problem of not getting desirable job profiles. Limited number of core companies like Anglo Eastern, GreyB etc that are visiting the campus have very few openings.

The biggest problem that core engineering students face every year is that their minds are diversified in various different directions. You can easily spot core students, at UIET, preparing for competitive exams like GATE/GRE/Civil Services and simultaneously practicing aptitude tests for placements season. Preparing for competitive exams is necessary, no doubt, but placements also have a great impact on an individual’s work performance. Although, placements are challenging for all students irrespective of their course or branch but the core branch usually tends to be one who suffers the most. Core engineering is what constitutes the basis of all other technological studies and branches. Core engineers prove to be the most dynamic minds in the industry with a very promising skill set. We just need an opportunity which enables us to showcase what we can create and helps us to apply!

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Rajat Dwivedi (UIET, PU Campus)


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