GGDSD English Literary Club Pierces Blind to Talk on Gender Equality


Don’t let labels hold you back!

The English Literary Club of GGDSD College (Sector 32) organised the event themed as “Equality among the Genders”, on September 14, 2017, which took place in the Mini auditorium at 1:00 pm. The aim of this event was to throw light on the need of making gender equality a subjective issue in the society and the reason why the need persists in the first place, in order to bring the change in the youth perspective of dealing with this issue.

Under the able guidance of teacher-in-charge, Professor Poorva Trikha, the event took shape by the efforts put in by the members of English Literary Club (ELC) Board 2017-18; Nimrat Dhillon (President), Bhavya Gaind (Vice-President), Vanshika Gupta (Club Editor), Pranav Kapil (Advisor), Vineet Chaudhary (Logistics Head), Smriti Kapil (Social Media Handler) and Sakshi (Creative Head). 

Throughout the event, many sensitive areas were covered for which the only aim was to show the feminist perspective of looking at the society. It marked clarity on the notion of feminism, explaining that true feminism is not just about empowerment of women, but it is about destruction of the notion of power.

The event was highly informative. The ‘waves of feminism’ i.e., early 18 C.E., controversial (which highlighted the social concern of pornography, lesbianism and sexual orientation of gays’), social media (2008) and neo feminism, were discussed thoroughly. The event also gave an insight into the life and demeanour of women, such as Coco Channel, Barbara Walters and Maya Angelou, who broke the shackles of society and redefined the capabilities of women.

The silver lining was the fact that it was not only a discussion on the true feminism but it also presented solutions that can be practically implied to bring about the changes that the society need, that the event spoke in favour of.

As is said,

“Feminism is not about making women strong, because they already are strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives the strength.” 

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