Enactus GGDSD College receives an overwhelming response at its orientation


Enactus GGDSD College conducted it’s orientation for the academic year 2015-16 on September 21 at 2 pm in Seminar Hall 3 of the college, for the purpose of making students aware about Enactus- a non- profit international organisation that runs entrepreneurial projects to empower the lower sections of the society. Enactus was founded in 1975, and Enactus India was formed in 2003, and currently, there are 69 active Enactus teams in colleges across India, with 2558 active student.
During the orientation, the students were told about the essence of Enactus, and were motivated to work towards empowering the lower sections of society through entrepreneurship.
In Chandigarh, Enactus has its chapters at two colleges- UICET (University Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology) and GGDSD College. The chapter for GGDSD College was started last year in February. Urvashi Kapila, a student pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication (PGDMC) at GGDSD College has served in Enactus Miranda House, Delhi University, for three years, so she introduced the concept of Enactus through a PowerPoint presentation, showcasing Project Tarang and Project Zafraan wherein she worked, while in Enactus. She explained how every project in Enactus stems from an idea which is then researched upon by members of the Enactus team, who check the feasibility of the idea and do the field work. Then, the project has to be marketed in such a way that maximum people are targeted, and are convinced that the product they are buying will benefit the society, and eventually, the country.
Urvashi further gave her observations about the general atmosphere at GGDSD College, that most of the students don’t wish to participate in extra curricular activities, and those that want to, don’t have any platform to showcase their work and talent. She urged the first and second year students to join Enactus as it provides students with an opportunity to work and transcend their textbooks. Also, by joining Enactus, students get to network with other Enactus societies in colleges across India during the National Competition that takes place at the end of every academic session. The team that wins the National Competition goes for the World Cup, wherein the best projects of Enactus teams from 36 countries participate. Moreover, having a work experience at Enactus boosts the CV of students applying for jobs, as Enactus is an international organisation.
After Urvashi’s presentation, Sachin Pal, the President of Enactus GGDSD College, briefed the students about the recruitment process to join Enactus. He stated that the students who wish to be a part of Enactus are supposed to fill the form and then appear in the personal interview, wherein they need to be honest and confident in answering questions. He further stated that Enactus GGDSD College needs dedicated students who won’t leave any stone unturned in contributing to the society through the Enactus projects. Active members of Enactus GGDSD like Gaurav Gupta, Krishna Shukla, Vasudha Shirkhandey, Satvik Malhotra, Angad Paul, Samarth Behl, Rhea Jaspal, Jasmine Punia, Nishita Bansal, Karnika Singh, Sarthak Nagpal and Hardeep Singh were present at the orientation. Mrs. Niharika Sharma, the Teacher-in-charge of Enactus GGDSD College, was also present there. The recruitment for the Enactus team for 2015-16 will take place on Wednesday.

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