Empezar 2k16 Goes Strong to Help Cancer Patients


People say humanity is dead. I say, it isn’t. There still are people who love, who give, who are humane instead of being just human. Helping Souls, a NGO based in Chandigarh has restored faith in the beauty of the human heart in a similar context, once again.

Helping Souls was was set up on the December 26, 2012 being inspired by the horrific Delhi rape case that showed the barbarism of some sick people.

On this Christmas (December 25th) celebrating the fourth anniversary of their organisation, they organised Empezar 2k16, the second edition of their fund raising programme where they donated all the earnings to the noble cause of helping the cancer patients. The event took place in Leisure Valley, Sector 10, Chandigarh.
Expecting a turnout of over 1300 people, Empezar 2k16 saw bands like BCMC and Root 9 perform, swaying the crowd with their breathtaking performances.  RJ Abhimanyu stole the hearts of many as he took the audience on a musical odyssey. And then it was time for the star performer of the night to set the stage ablaze. As the Punjabi heart throb, Dilpreet Dhillon set his feet on the stage, the crowd went in a dizzy cheering and shouting his name. He sang and they danced. The mood was ecstatic as the day came to an end with the entire money going towards the cancer patients’ welfare.

The founder of the NGO was so moved by the atrocities inflicted on the girl that he decided to do something about the lost of humanitarian values in people. Today, it has a band of 120 young members who are always ready to help the needy and the down trodden. From conducting hunger drives, to distributing warm clothes to the homeless and further organising blood donation camps and also to opening a free school, PATHSHALA for the under privileged in Sector 8, Panchkula, they do all they can.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” So said Ronald Reagan and rightly did he so, for if we start being humanists, and forget all the boundaries of religion, tradition, dogma, races and economy, the world will definitely be a beautiful place. Helping souls have carried on their willful charitable deeds for quite a while now and plan to further keep their cause going strong in high spirits.

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