Emotions have no language

“Hello” is said differently in different countries and states, while some say “Aloha”,”Halo” or “Ne Hao”, majority of us in India greet saying “Namaste”. We are mostly familiar with the lingo used in only our area, so when while travelling to neighbouring states with a different language or to another country for that matter, we tend to feel alien to their mumbo jumbo. But thinking of the varsity of languages around the globe, I wonder, does Humanity have a language? Or do emotions remain unheard if not spoken in a particular dialect? Standing anywhere in the world, if you see two people sitting and laughing together, you will know they are happy or if you spot a man on the road side in tattered clothes, you will know he has empty pockets. A child crying alone on a street even in Oslo would mean that he is lost and a smile is a universal expression which warms the heart of anyone it is given to. Spotting a man and a woman walking hand in hand on the streets of Shanghai, you know they are in love.
What connects people of different nationalities and faiths is,a warm heart. Just by hugging someone who is visiting your country would mean you welcome them and accept them as they are. Once you start traveling you realize that language is not a barrier, because at the end of the day, its your emotions that you need to express! There are so many varied feelings that it is impossible to experience them all in one lifetime, but as we experience them, we need to learn to express and share them in the same beautiful way we felt them. Let’s not wait for the right moment or the right people. Let’s just share what we feel with whosoever we want to, without thinking twice. Life is to be lived and we must feel alive every second of every day, and the best way to deal with it is by experiencing the emotions and sharing them, for they have no language.

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