Elections: The MCM Chapter


With elections around the corner, there will be many students from MCM DAV College 36 who will be filled with the zeal to contest for elections this time. And while the aspirants will be out-all to get it by now, PU Mirror provides all that you should know to apply, in order to prevent missing it from a point range.

Posts To Contest For:

There are four main posts, namely, the post of president and vice-president, which are contested by students from final year and the post of general secretary and joint secretary, which are filled by students from second year and first year respectively.

Eligibility to Sail Through the First Round:

There are some conditions that the candidates have to abide by for filling papers i.e.

  • One should not be less that 17 years and not more than 21 years of age.

  • Most importantly, she must have 75% attendance in every subject (most of them fail to fulfil this)

  • The candidate should have minimum aggregate of 60% in the previous semesters with no backlogs.

After filing the papers by the candidates a proper process of confirmation and declaration is done by the college authorities by checking the identity proofs. Having an Aadhaar card is mandatory. 

After that candidates constitute a panel according to their interests and thus forming a manifesto which gives their policies and promises. MCM elections have NO involvement of the student political parties like SOI, SOPU, NSUI or any other parties, as in other colleges. A completely independent and peaceful forum for election is witnessed. MCM DAV follows the same rules and regulations as followed in Panjab University starting from day of filing of nomination papers to the day of voting. Open houses, debates sessions also take place to convince the students to vote for them. New ways are used by the candidates every time for fetching more and more votes. The campaigning ends 24 hours prior to the elections.

Tips for the Candidates:

  • An elementary group can be formed.

  • The group should be small but strong enough.

  • It is only beneficial to know each other’s viewpoint.

  • Regular discussions can take place.

  • A decision of a common agenda.

  • Division of duties amongst the group members.

  • You should be aware about the weakness of the opponent and yours too.

  • No offensive or unfair means should be used to fetch the votes.

On top of everything, you should use fair methods to contest elections. So, gear up MCM for the election season.

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