Ek Haath Se Lo, Ek Haath Se Do


The custom of give and take has been prevalent in the society from the time when human life started on Planet Earth. People give something to someone in order to get something from them. So, political parties also try to please potential voters and gather their support by catering to their small needs, all to get their vote during elections.

At the time of the Student Council Elections in Panjab University, party workers of various student political parties, get friendly with the new (and old) students of the University and offer to fix their minor problems in order to get their vote during elections. And all this is done in an extremely subtle way, not explicitly. The political parties attempt to resolve issues related to hostels, shortage of attendance, etc. of their friends and supporters and often invite them to movie outings, parties, and lunches, in order to collect their votes. Since many of the student political parties are affiliated with Central and State political parties, they can afford to spend a lot of money for campaigning during elections. Although the varsity sets a maximum limit on the funds which the parties can spend on campaigning during elections, such guidelines are almost never adhered to and the authorities also generally do not take action against the offenders. So, this abhorrent practice of pleasing (read: bribing) the students before the elections has not come to an end.

The sad thing is that many parties win the elections like this, but fail to achieve the basic objective of improving the condition of University. The University has not changed much despite different parties coming every year and making big promises. Every year, different parties come up with different agendas at the time of elections and claim to bring about a change. However, after the elections, when it is time for real action, the winning party hardly shows any actual result in their tenure. They are all talk and mostly no show.  At the end, the students are the ones who suffer as the student party who had promised to solve their problems, ignores them now. The University’s ranking has gone down lately as the elections are all about grabbing power and not for the welfare of the students.

It is time for the students to become informed voters. They should question the parties about their past records and can check the developmental activities taken up by the student parties in their tenure by the help of RTI, before voting for the party. By this, they will be able to check the actual credibility of the party and not simply just trust what they are being led to believe. In recent times, it has been seen that no political party has consecutively for two weeks, thus showing that students want actual change and those who cannot deliver are removed from power. However, the practices of hooded bribery are deep rooted and will take a lot of time to completely vanish. Necessary checks by the authorities and increased awareness among the students can help tackle this issue. After all, honesty is the best policy!

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Aarush Munjal  (UILS, PU Campus)

Aarush Munjal
(UILS, PU Campus)

Dreams to be a sports broadcaster with Star Sports. A sports enthusiast and in love with writing.


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