ECO-Business quiz heated the day in MCM DAV college


The Post-Graduate Department of MCM DAV College organized an Eco-Business Quiz on 21st January,2016 in the college premises.


The Quiz started with a preliminary round in which four were selected from a pool of 33 willing teams from various colleges, with each team having two members. The teams were named after 4 famous Indian business tycoons, i.e. Mittals, Nooyis, Nadellas and Pichais.

There was a panel of three judges and the quiz was bifurcated in various rounds.

In the first round, which was the General Question-Answer Round, the questions asked involved the current affairs and general knowledge.

The second round was the Selection Round which had two parts. In the first one, multiple choice questions were asked to the contestants. In the second one, participants were asked to choose one option that they found odd out of those given to them.

The third round involved Visual imagery. Pictures of famous personalities in the field of economics and business were required to be named. Along with that symbols and maps of various companies and factories were also included to add a bit of technicalities.

Clues, the theme of the fourth round, had not more than three clues provided to the contestants for guessing the names of businessmen or economists. This was followed by the Crossword Puzzle Round and the hard core economics round. Symbols, theories, properties and graphs were required to be recognized from the set of images and questions shown on screen. Then followed the most innovative and entertaining round, Dumb Charades  as one of the two team members enacted the slogan or name of major companies and the other one tried his/her best to guess it. Lastly to add more heat to the already sparkling quiz, there was held a Rapid Fire Round. 

After a tough fight for two continuous hours, the team of Satish Chandra Dhawan Govt. College, Ludhiana claimed the first position.

The Chief Guests for the event were Dr. Nisha Bhargava, Principal, MCM DAV College and Mrs. Rama Kashyap, HOD, Department of Economics.

The whole event added a lot to one’s knowledge about the subject. The audience round and interactive discussions relating to many topics of economics and commerce gave an edge to what might have been a dull quiz on a serious subject.

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Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)

Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)

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