Every student is happy with the little and scheduled food he is offered in his place of residence. Really? Well, it is almost never the case that a student sticks to what is being offered to him. He needs a lot more options and has moulds his own set of eating habits.

For the first few weeks, a fresher religiously sticks to his hostel food, PG food or whatever his college canteen has to offer, then comes the phase of skipping all of that to explore the scrummy yet affordable tidbits that are available in Kamla Nagar and the nearby areas. As one starts on his college journey, the first stall selling edibles is found near the metro station which serves regular veg and non-veg Chinese, especially famous for their rolls. Continuing the journey, the list goes on widening. The ‘Sudama ki Chai’ is more of an addiction than being just a beverage, and coming across a huge crowd around this spot is a common sight. But a student also cares about the budget, so the market is ruled by the affordable and quality food seller-Bistro 57, which sells a variety of coffees, mojitos, garlic breads and many other savouries,and that too at reasonable prices.

Enough for the beverages, one surely needs something to quench his hunger too. This is where one starts approaching the famous ‘Chhole Bhatoore’ at the Malka Ganj. Adjacent to it, is the juice corner-hunger and thirst, done for in just one go.  Students are often found, hanging out at the canteen of the Faculty of Management Studies, due to the cheap and delicious food it offers.

But, whatever may be the case, Maggi has always been at the heart of a student, so, how could the North Campus be left untouched. The celebrated ‘Tom Uncle Maggi Point’ is the spot where one can always encounter a throng of campus kids. The recent inauguration of McDonalds has also led ted to a large number of students spending their time at the Bungalow Road, eating and enjoying.

An average student starts his eating journey from the food offered by his place of residence. It is until when he starts out on his journey of exploring the campus that he finds better and more appealing available food options. This ultimately leads to a change in the eating habits, and he gets attached to what we all call as junk food- maggi forms an indispensible part of the day and the day is incomplete without a sip of coke. But, care should be taken for the food that we eat. Rest is fine, but never neglect your health, you need this body for the rest of your life. Never be negligent on this part.

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Shubham Kumar Yadav- Hans Raj College, DU


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