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Welcome to GenieInTown! 

A virtual Aladdin’s magic lamp, hit the right clicks and voila! You have a skilled professional ‘Genie’ at your service! 

And this online portal goes a step ahead by letting you become one such Genie yourself – to quote, “GenieInTown.com is one of the leading online portals of the Tri-City which provides a platform to all the talented and skilled professionals, budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, to showcase their talent, exhibit their skills, share knowledge, connect them with their prospective clients working both ways.”

Creating a demand via supply, this novel site gives any individual with a defined skillset an opportunity to showcase, exhibit, share, and put to use their talents, connecting them with those in need of it, i.e. their prospective clients.


In short, their mobile optimized website acts as a bridge between talented professionals/service providers (fancily termed Genies) and Clients/customers (looking for a Genie).


The user friendly site let’s you register under two categories, either “I’m a Genie”, or “Looking for a Genie” based on whether you are a service provider or a customer, respectively.

Apart from a service exchange portal, the site also acts as a place to ask questions, mentor and prepare new Genies on the block.


Thus the holistic approach the website follows effortlessly manages to encourage servicemen and business owners to get paid for their work even if they lack the capital to set up their own independent presence.

GenieInTown.com provides its user with wide spread option of services, from a basic to a professional one. What differentiates the site from its already established counterparts like UrbanClap and JustDial is the quite unconventional and wide categories an enlisting Genie can choose from. A user can offer, or pick any service, ranging from Baking, Travel Agent, Painter, Fitness Trainer, Dog Trainer, ‘Marketing Samurai’, Astrologer and even a Mixologist (for those wanting a perfectly mixed Piña Colada at their parties). Ranging over 40 such categories, the diversity of services provided ensures a larger clientele and higher satisfaction level.


The website also allows to maintain a level of trust and transparency between its users, by validating/authenticating registered profiles via Facebook. It includes features like creating profiles with pictures and videos, uploading stores and creating discussion threads, which ultimately helps bridging gaps better.

Overall, GenieInTown.com succeeds in creating a self sustaining network of people, bringing professionals to those in need and getting work done, smoothly.

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Adarsh Raj (PGGC-11 CHD)

“Adarsh Raj is The Wolf of All Streets, who takes life as it comes in his face, and runs down his chin. We catch flies with honey, but he catches more hunnies being fly. Matter of fact, he didn’t choose the the thug life, the thug life chose him.
Oh and he stole my girl !!!” – Everyone else


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