Dynamite: The Road to Sparkles


Let Your Talent Explode.The welfare organisation Navsankalp; constituted by the college students organized auditions for their upcoming event, Sparkles. The auditions were held under the popular name ; ‘Dynamite’ whereby around 500 participants form the tri-city were tried-out and shortlisted for the final event, in the field of dancing, modeling and anchoring  The event took place on February 19, 2018  stretching up from 10 am to 5 pm in the evening.  Just like all the preceding 8 years, Navsankalp’s Sparkles is being driven ahead with a kind thought to help underprivileged and raise money for the same.

The boisterous aura of the arena was well expressed by the participants as well as the Sankalpians around. The men in blue could be witnessed giving in their best to ensure the best. Similarly, the participants too energetically showcased their skills before the judges. As per the rules, each participant had 2 minutes to present their talent.

The selection criteria required a dancer to have swift moves, for a model; good body posture and body language, and for an anchor; skills to entertain in a limited time.  The Judges were too  Ex- members of Navsankalp, namely; Mr. Raj Agnihotri for anchoring, Ms. Gurleen and Ms. Aditi for modelling, and Mr.Gaurav Nagpal and Mr. Mandep for dance.  As per the rules, each participant had 2 minutes to present their talent.  Dynamite is a talent filter for our Mega event sparkles, a kickoff for how big that event would be, where there will be talented people from all walks of life”, said Mr. Kritigya Chauhan and Mr. Karan Garg, the event head in charge.

Auditions for dancing, modeling and anchoring went on simultaneously, making it a hectic day for everyone.  For solo dancing there were 32 candidates presenting moves originating from different genres, with a mesmerizing flexibility. Auditions for anchoring alongside tested the dexterity of the competitors to engage with the audience in a witty and humorous way, putting a test to their creative skills. Further, the modeling auditions had around 92 entries and the audience was completely captivated by the rawness of the beautiful models.

All Judges, organizers and participants continuously worked without a break. Therefore for rejuvenating the busy minds some fun games like; multiples of three were also introduced which enabled them to relax a bit. As the day turned into dusk, the journey towards Sparkles saw successful conclusion of Dynamite

Dynamite undoubtedly concluded that, there is no end to the talent. It just requires a good cause and a platform to showcase it effectively and prominently.  Hence, let your talent explode!

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