Dump your makeup, keep the guy instead


Has your mascara turned clumpy and gross? Is your concealer causing rashes or breakouts? Well, maybe it’s not the high histamine levels (allergies) but a lesser known fact- Your product has expired.

Make up products come with designated shelf lives. Once you open that bottle of wonder, time starts to tick, signalling the date of your last use. Quite similar to your packaged milk carton.

It’s imperative to keep a check on your product’s expiry date. Never stock or hoard them. They take up space, clutter your vanity and brain. They go from being a creamy eyeshadow to a mouldy one over time.

1) Your boyfriend or girlfriend won’t stop loving you after 4 months like your MASCARA. And if they do, trash both of them out. No time for toxic relations. A good quality mascara can also last for more than 6 months.


2) “If your lips are moving, then you lying, lying baby.” Throw your beloved red LIPSTICK away, if you have been using the same one for more than 2 YEARS. Gross!


3) This one is the safest as none of our ‘Kajol or Kohl-Pencil’ lasts for more than 6 months. Indians use this one particular make up product, judiciously. But if you manage to keep them for long, throw them after 2 years. And never share. Casual Eye Infection Alert.


4) A little birdie told me that even Cleopatra ditched her Liquid EYELINER every 5 months. What are you waiting for? Oh, you own the pencil one? Love, they last for around 2 years.


5) SUNSCREEN more like Sun-Scream. Toss them away after 6 months. Not only because they expire but also as you finish your tube. Sun is not a happy lemon anymore, our CFC’s messed the ozone layer up and UV rays are creating a havoc. PROTECT YOUR SKIN.


These are the most commonly used products by majority of the population. Hence, this article only talks about them. But a general advice would be to throw and part away with your loved products the moment you smell, see, or feel something fishy. Keep glowing.

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