Dreams come true if you believe in them: believes Damini Aggarwal


Born in Bagdogra, West Bengal and raised in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, Damini Aggarwal  graduated in Commerce and is currently pursuing her higher studies in Laws from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Being a passionate poet, prolific storyteller and eloquent speaker, she always aims to fill this world with love and happiness.
She is the founder of online writing & media publishing platform, Literary Fairy Tales; and has co-authored several national and international anthologies.

Q. Tell us about your various works as a writer? Which of your own works do you like the most and consider being your greatest achievement? 

A. I have co-authored almost eight national anthologies (a collection of stories & poem) and magazines in past years and recently launched my debut novel “What’s Your Story, Stranger?” Though, all those anthologies have played a major role in polishing my writing skills and helping me to grow as writer, I consider my debut novel as my greatest achievement till date as it has brought me bundle of smiles and created its place in my reader’s heart, which is a big thing for me with regards to the hard work & dedication it took. Yet there is lot to do more & write more, I am looking forward to continue it till the last my last breath.

Q. How did you discover that writing was what you were meant to do in life? Were people supportive of your decision?
A. The idea of writing came to me three years back when I started penning down my thoughts and ideas on my blog. The only reason behind resorting to writing online was the growth& ease in the use of technology and its reach. I opened an account on blogspot.in and used to post weekly which gained good number of appreciation and resulted in motivating me to continue writing and grow my circle. I came across several writing contests and participating in those further boosted me and helped me improve my writing skills. I believe that writing is something that can take our imagination anywhere. A pen and a dream have a power to take us places exploring our limits. Also, through writing, we can easily achieve the aim of bringing a change in mind set of an individual. The thought of working for society lead me to choose writing as a source to do so. Everyone supported me and helped me in achieving my dream. Though, a dream of writing a full-fledged novel was a challenge to me and further getting it published and having a platform to do so was a long way to walk upon.

Q. What are other things besides writing that you want to do?
A. Besides writing, I am working for my two start-ups named Damick Publications and LiFTMagazine; both are aimed to promote quality writing and writers across the nation. Also, I am a law student and aim to do a lot in this field as well. I have been into social welfare for a year and was a part of a regional Rotaract Club (a sibling of Rotary International) in which we conducted numerous programs related to literacy, poverty, etc. I am looking forward to become more active in it in coming days.

Q. What is the most interesting book or poem that you came across/ who is your favourite writer?           A. The very first book I read was of Robin Sharma, “Who Will Cry When You Die” when I was in 11th standard and it had a great impact on me. My favourite Indian Authors are Preeti Shenoy and Amish Tripathi and I always admire reading their books.

Q.What is your message to people who want to pursue writing as a profession?                                      A. Writing is such a pure and soulful profession and to be the best in it, we must write whole-heartedly and with a complete devotion as whatever we do from heart, it never deceives us. There is no denying the fact that writing canbe pursued as a full time profession. With the growth of technology and digital marketing, need and demand for writers in almost all the fields &companies have gained a momentum. In whatever profession we are, we must first know that we are doing what we love to and enjoy doing it, the results will be enchanting. With the experience and passage of time, skills improve and we become irreplaceable.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?                                                                       A. The only thing we must adhere to be successful in life is to be true our self and do what our heart says, as no one knows us and our calibre better than our own soul.The half passage is covered while we pursue our passion, we do not need to work really hard when it comes to working for something we love doing.

– We all have dreams and only we can make our way towards it. We do not have to work to prove someone anything, rather to prove our self that we have justified our life as no one wants to die with regrets in heart but with a smile on face.

– People may come and go, but the show must go on. Though we go through various phases/ failures which transform us and our personality wholly, we must not sit back, but push our self to the best version we can be.

– I never thought of writing a novel till I started listening to my heart and now when I look back I admire that I took the right path as not only me, but my parents, friends, teachers, relatives, neighbours, almost everyone who knows me feels elated and no feeling is better than making your loved ones proud.

– Lastly, I would like to thank & congratulate to the entire team of PU Mirror from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me for this favour. You all are doing an amazing work.

– You can reach out to me through my website www.daminiaggarwal.com and I’m active on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, you can connect with me there as well @daminiaggarwal6 for latest updates.

About the Author:

Sumegha Vaid (Department of English , Panjab University)

I love reading, taking long walks and listening to music. What I believe is your words do make a difference. How ever small and insignificant the difference might seem to be, trust me it still counts! So, write your heart out.Tell the world the truth they are escaping from as well as the fiction in which they can find an escape.

My mantra in life- Dreams don’t work unless you do.

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