I dream of a dream, where words would poise.

Where all the screams of ignorance will die.

Deafening the cluttering noise of rattling pens,

Which embroider the crispy sheets, inking the chaliced paper bright!

I dream of a dream, where there is no pauper no prince.

I dream of a world, where there is forgiveness of sins.

A dream where everybody’s soul is rinsed.

A dream which embraces all,

A dream which will not make me fall,

A dream which doesn’t fade away,

A dream which lingers for decades…Stay

I dream of a dream running miles,

I dream of a dream spreading smiles,

Touching and tickling every piece of land,

Of songs unsung, of words unspoken, of dreams only dreamed

I dream of a dream, dreaming a dream!

About the Author:

Mehak Raina

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