Dream Camp made a difference in lives of underpriveged


“Dream Camp is to make the underprivileged kids realize what their dreams are, and to help them know how to follow it till the end.”

Nothing could have explained the concept of the three-day Dream Camp, organized by the nationwide NGO Make a Difference (MAD), in a more apt manner as these words by a member of MAD team, Sakshi Minhas, did.

With a goodwill backing the efforts made, this 4th Dream Camp of Chandigarh Chapter, held from 1st to 3rd April at Ramgarh Fort, left no stone unturned to make the underprivileged at par, under the support and guidance of their respective mentors.

Children from two shelter-homes across the tricity i.e., Guraasra in Palsora, Mohali and Aashiana in Panchkula Sector 16, became a part of this uplifting experience and enjoyed the three days of fun, frolic and exploration of their true selves.

Day 1, April 1st 2016:


On the 1st day, children from both shelter homes were given a warm welcome by the volunteers of MAD. Tiaras were given to girls, whereas swords were presented to boys. The official day started with a flash mob and a welcome speech. To break the ice, Mentor-bonding session was organised. The first activity was ‘Capture the Fort’, which mesmerized the kids as much as it brought grandeur back to them. While the session ‘Beautiful You’  focused on enhancing the motivation and self esteem of kids by showing them how beautiful their life is, ‘River of Life’ made them ponder upon their past and realize how ups and downs are a part of nature.

Day 2, April 2nd 2016:


The most awaited challenge of the day for the children i,e. ‘Rescue the Princess’ was no short of fun. It began with an announcement by the king that the princess had been caged and the children set out with their mentors in 12 teams to rescue the princess. Ranging from the car-making out of the empty bottles to finding the key; if anything was missing, the king did the needful by bringing the princess back. A sport activity was also conducted, with the kids kicking the ball in a four-boundary setup, holding on to the ropes, to register a goal against the team in opposition. The evening was lent a melodious tune to by Noor-the Band which lit up the fort with the beautiful sounds of music and took away the listeners to the mesmerizing land of melodies!


Day 3, April 3rd 2016:


Making the kids realize their support system, their goals and requisite to achieve them, the activity ‘Dream Tree’ made them chart it down in an explicit manner. While thePuppet Show threw them into peels of laughter, learning to make puppets was an equally appreciated task. This was followed by a span of exposure-time as the kids spent time with all and one present as a part. Finally, the closing ceremony left some in tears of departure, some with memories to hold on to for long and some with motivation to make a difference.

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