Dream Camp 2017 Unfolds A Wonderland

God has great powers, but to check the vigor and test his own creation, he has left some space to be filled by the man, itself. This is what M.A.D (Make A Difference) is doing with its venture known as ‘Dream Camps’.
Everyone does not have the same level of privileges in life, so it becomes the duty of their counterparts to peter this difference” and M.A.D is the organization which is working under this notion. 
M.A.D has left no stone unturned in trying to provide equitable opportunities for the underprivileged kids in shelter homes. They recently organized a 3-day outdoor camp, known as the “Dream Camp” which kick started on April 14, 2017, for the vulnerable children, with the view to provide them a 3-day experience instilled with fun, frolic, learning and lots of laughter. The camp was based on 3 principles which are experience; exposure and development.
mad-coverExperience includes giving all those life cherishing, fun and frolic moments to the kids that they had been deprived off, so far. Exposure comprises of the challenge of facing all the inhibitions that have hemmed the kids and overcome those for a better life. And the development principle ensures that the kids are given lessons to become a better version of themselves.
The kids were welcomed to the dream camp through a tunnel of leaves with music and balloons. The camp started with a session of the kids making promises to their mentors to make the camp successful. Following this, while the tiny tots were left to jump and play around, the older kids attended a session called ‘Beautiful You’, in which the kids were taught the importance of inner beauty and to not judge others based on their outer appearance.
They also noted down their own qualities, thus this acted as an aid to them in the journey of self introspection that was about to begin. The first day ended with another heart-warming and beautiful session called the ‘River Of Life’, where the kids were asked to draw their life stories in a river which helped them reach their next stop, i.e., understanding their past to know who they are in their undertaken journey.
The second day witnessed a development session, in which all the children were allotted a group to work with. The organizing team listed down certain problems, such as corruption, bribery, pollution, eve teasing etc. Each group was made to choose one problem and then use their intelligence to find its solutions. The most interesting part of the whole process was the way of presentation of the concocted  solutions. The groups were made to present their solutions in any artistic manner. The kids chose other problems too, and prepared beautiful solutions depicting them through the creative measures like songs, plays and mimes.
111Fun and exposure sessions were also given their due share as the kids were given bed sheets to paint through block painting which was thoroughly enjoyed and cherished by the kids. They were also taught table manners and a session was specially conducted for them to come and speak about themselves on the stage, so as to help them in overcoming their stage fear. The day ended with a candle light dinner and a rather beautiful JAM and DJ session, providing them with the experience of a wonderful night.
The third and the last day saw a development session of the kids sharing their dreams, ambitions and goals. All of the kids listened to “Lakshay ko har haal mein paana hai” and wrote down their goals. It was a beautiful and emotionally charged session leaving some of the kids in tears. However, the day and the Dream Camp ended with a ramp walk of the kids and all of them dancing and laughing to the Closing Video.
The sessions held true to their name, ‘Development sessions’ as they introduced all the qualities that are required to be an inherent part of the future leaders and professionals of the country. ‘Exposure Sessions’ as they provided new kinds of experiences to for the kids, trying to make it easier for them to adjust and adapt to new things. And obviously, the ‘Fun Sessions’ were there to make up for all the emotions and heavy sessions with lots of frolic and laughter. Needless to say, the dream camps proved to be a dream come true for all the children who participated.

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Pragya Pasricha (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Pragya Pasricha
(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

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