Dream Big And Strive To Make It Real


The bells are ringing and it’s time now that we invite a bunch of fresh minds, a set of geniuses who have fastened their belts to begin an unforgettable journey. But wishing them good luck is not enough, so here’s a piece of advice to all freshers irrespective of their courses, campuses, and colleges-“Youngsters, dare to dream big and strive to make them real”. To some this might seem preposterous, and well fortunately or unfortunately I expected that. After all, we live in a world where dreams and aspirations have no value, where people laugh when a young boy in rags running down the street barefoot, dreams of becoming a pilot.

And well, then I am pretty sure that the very same people would have laughed when a poor boy in his old clothes would have stopped at their doorsteps to deliver the daily newspaper and dreamt of becoming the President of India. But wait a minute, I feel THE PEOPLE were wrong here because the little dreamer dreamt and strived and he fought the odds to calm the laughing stock, to make you and me believe that dreams come true, to become one of the most inspirational persons, to become the great- Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. An epitome of hard work, and determination, he taught us to dream with open eyes, he proved that money in one’s pocket is not a necessity to make dreams come true.

Now, getting back to the reader, you might be a person who achieved what you desired and maybe you are extremely happy with whatever you are pursuing or you may be someone who couldn’t get what you wished to take up, you can also be a person living your dreams or you might be one living your parents’ dreams but irrespective of that, as you begin the new venture you need to know and believe that- whosoever you are and whatever you do, ‘dreaming big’ is your birthright.

When you dream big, you realize that your goals and aims are higher, and that compels you to work harder to achieve them. Mark my words when I say that, everything is achievable if you have the will and the determination to surpass all temptations and focus completely on making your dreams come true. But remember that life is no apple pie and you might not get opportunities being laid before you on a platter instead, you will have to dig out opportunities. The road to success might be narrow and full of hurdles but if you have enough enthusiasm and energy to cross them all, you turn out to be the real hero. So, in other words, life’s a roller coaster ride, it has its ups and downs but if you believe and live with hope, you will definitely emerge as an achiever.

But at the same time, the bitter truth is that the society does not encourage dreamers. As a famous Hindi proverb goes “Tete pav pasariye jeti lambi saur” translating in English “Don’t stretch your legs beyond the length of your bedsheet”- this basically means that one should not dream beyond his capabilities. But then, yet again, we have outstanding examples of people proving this to be wrong. If a farmer’s son could become Mr. Bill Gates, and if a college dropout selling coke bottles to make a living could become the CEO of Apple Inc. then I definitely believe in dreams, big dreams, dreams that seem unachievable, dreams that can change one’s destiny. But dreams are nothing without hope and action. Had Stephen Hawking lost hope when he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the world would have lost a man capable enough to unravel the mysteries of time and space. Had poverty, a failed marriage, single parenthood, and loss of her mother led J.K. Rowling to lose hope, all of us wouldn’t have ever enjoyed the marvellous Harry Potter.

But becoming a dreamer is not enough, we need to become dreamers with action, these are those dreamers who dare to dream big and strive extremely hard to make them a reality, these are dreamers with a lot of courage, determination, hard work, and HOPE. Therefore, dreamers with action turn into achievers.

So, the next time when you feel low or you feel that you are incapable of achieving your big dreams, go get your laptops or smartphones and Google some rags to riches stories, you’ll definitely get sufficient motivation. And then get ready to dream big again but, become not just dreamers, become dreamers with action.

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Neha Sam- Jesus and Mary College, DU


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