DR Surjit Patar swayed with his words in MCM DAV


Photography by Shubhangi Singh (MCM 36)

The afternoon of 15th February in MCM DAV College witnessed a warm, wonderful and tranquil spring breeze. And it is not the weather we’re talking about here. Padma Shree Award Winner and coveted poet Dr. Surjit Patar humbly agreed to address a beaming crowd of over a hundred and fifty young girls from the institution, some of whom were in fact, Punjabi poetesses in progress.


The Multimedia Hall was abuzz as impatient whispers grew louder and transformed into undisturbed silence as soon as he entered, till the time he left.
His address to the staff members and students was a thought provoking assemblage of words. He spoke of his childhood, his inspirations, his travels and a theme found in a majority of his poems i.e, Trees. He drew the most intriguing parallels when he spoke of trees. He referred to them as people who had turned old, waiting for justice in courts.


With his control over words, he managed to make his listeners teary eyed and immensely happy in a matter of seconds. After his address, some of the girls read out his poems on the dais as an ode to his great contribution to Punjabi literature.


Whilst majority of the crowd was under the impression that Punjabi as a language won’t stand the test of time, Dr. Surjit Patar provided the much required assurance. He emphasized on the importance of not only learning new languages but also remembering that there is no language greater and sweeter than your own mother tongue.


The question-round soon turned into a poetry-ghazal mehfil as students kept pooling in requests to which Sir happily obliged. From meeting ‘Shiv Kumar Batalvi’ to using a good pen when it comes to writing, no stone was left unturned and no question, unanswered. For once if the time would have frozen no one would’ve even noticed.


The beautiful session culminated with handcrafted tokens reflecting love, respect and enthusiasm being gifted to him. Everyone left the hall inspired and emotional in a state of trance. What everyone took back home that day was a new found zeal to appreciate and respect literature and language more.

“Je aayi pattjhad ta ki hai,
tu agli rutt ch yakeen rakhi
main labb ke leyona kito qalma,
tu fullan jogi jameen rakhi.”

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