DotCom Kitchen, Mohali: Pocket-Friendly Addition to Food-Culture


The demographics of Mohali is changing at a very fast pace and the lifestyle of residents is turning into that of a metro city where everybody is in hurry and has no time to cook or sit down for a good meal. Bringing us to the gist, food-culture is the new buzz word.  Jump from one phase of Mohali to another, and you will find a food outlet of each variety that you can count on. From a humble food-stall to a brightly lit cafe, name it and you have it. But what with peppy drink numbers and tangy food if it steals your time or cannot fit in your busy schedule (or if it leaves a big hole in your pocket)?

Catering to this combination of busy schedule and high nutrient-requirement, DotCom Kitchen entered the market this new year. A newly opened takeaway and food delivery service located in Sector 82, Mohali, DotCom Kitchen isn’t that fancy outlet with torch-blown food or fusion ice-creams. What it does provide, however, is a decent menu with options from Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine; which is as likely to bring you the home-comfort as it is of satisfying your light-on-pocket yet tasty food cravings.

What’s in the menu?

The menu is divided into nine sections. There is a rich room of choice of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Kadai Paneer, Dal Amritsari, Malai Kofta, Stuffed Simla Mirch, among vegetarian food choices, are some easily recognizable dishes which remind you of your home. What also sits in the menu is a variety of kebabs, tikkas and meat-dishes, savored with naan; resonating best with big Punjabi dinners. Then there are soups, noodle/rice options and much more put for order service! 

The menu is slightly tilted towards non-vegetarian options: meat, chicken and fish, which you realize when you have a closer look at the menu. But who cares when you have your order prepared on point and served on time! 

How’s it different from the existent food outlets/services?

Given that a number of new food-outlets/services are opening one after the other and the market is already full of existent ones, we talked to a representative of DotCom Kitchen to know what made them start this takeaway and food delivery service. “The Idea behind starting it is to make sure people have an option to take away or get their meal delivered at their doorstep, while they are working or busy with studies or have guests over. Our focus is to prepare orders fast and at the same time not compromise with the quality of the food.” states Saurabh. And on why they zeroed down upon the name ‘DotCom Kitchen’, he explains, ” We are living in the age of internet where everything happens in split second and with pure accuracy, that is the reason we named it DotCom Kitchen.” Now that’s an apt reason for the name as it is. 

(Oh, and they are looking forward to add Italian cuisine and wood-fire pizza on their menu soon!)


Type of Service: Take-away and home-delivery. Given the location on airport road, it’s convenient for people to order their food and collect their order while they are commuting or simply get it delivered at their doorstep.

Best for: Mostly the working class, but also the students who are staying in hostels and PG’s, who miss their moms because they don’t get to eat good food anymore.

Price-Factor: Prices are so far reasonable. DotCom Kitchen mentions INR 350 cost on an average for two,  on zomato. 

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