Don’t think out of the box, Think that there is no box


With every ounce of human mind engaged in deep snuggle of thoughts every now and then the most common adage that we all come across is ‘Think out of the box’. Whereas the irony of life is that with every innovation comes a certain extent, even if it said ‘Run your imagination wild’.


On one side of the story, we are asked to think out of the box, whereas I remember that being a kid, I was always taught not to color outside the line. And even after a decade, I am in the dilemma of which side to choose for? So, rather than being stuck in the perplexed situation of whether coloring inside the line or thinking beyond the boundaries of the box, I have now decided to just think that there is no box, there is no boundary line for a particular drawing and there are no stipulations to my imagination.


What we need to comprehend is that along with coaxing us to be innovative by thinking out of the box, the world has set the limitation of the box. Why, are we forced to think out of the box? Whereas, we should be taught that there is no box. Why do we fail to realize that there is just one life, so why restrict ourselves to the shackles of unnecessary thoughts, set limits of the society or the four sides of the box.


The major conundrum lies in the fact that we ourselves aren’t able to decide upon which side to go for because in some situations we adamantly follow the rule of thinking outside the box. On the contrary, we strictly adhere ourselves to the limitations of a particular aspect under grave situations. So, it is indeed better to focus on the hypothetical situation of presence of no box rather than being perplexed which side is the grass more green for us.


Rather than leading a hypocrite life of tossing between two thought processes, let us be outright simple and straight. Let your soul and mind run free in the never ending woods of ideas, rationality and innovations .Don’t let anything have a passive effect on you. Break-through all the boxes, boundary lines, stereotypical distinguishing, unnecessary altercations of thoughts and the bubble around you.


All that is destined to happen will surely happen, so why just linger on to the thought of remaining or vouching outside, live your life on your terms and conditions with a simple yet significant thought of presence of no boundary line.  And do believe in the fact that you can reach new pinnacles when you break the existing boundaries because outside the realm of the box that you live in, exists a reality that’s adventurous and exciting.

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Niti Goyal (GGDSD College, Sector 32)

First a thinker and then an observer, sharing views is what I love,
Try to see the world from a broad horizon, an explorer with adventure in my mind,
Writing out my heart is what I am good at!


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