Don’t judge a book by its Cover, says The Human Library


Tri-city witnessed its first ever Human Library in Lumos Coco, Industrial Area, Phase 1, Chandigarh on April 29, 2018. The Human Library is an international organization and movement that first started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000 with the aim to challenge prejudice against social contact among people. Similar to how a traditional library works, the Human Library participants can be checked out, at which point they engage in conversations and share stories with the public. The Human Library Organization is currently active in over 60 countries.

The event started at around 1:30 pm and lasted till 6:30 pm, and was powered by Furever Friends. It was an intellectual and energetic event in which around 150-200 people participated to know the real life stories of human books. There were in total 9 books ranging from all walks of life.

Prima Ballerina, being the first, talked about how following his passion for ‘Kathak’ was a very daunting task in today’s patriarchal society. He expressed his sorrow that being from such a narrow minded society he had to keep his identity in secret. Yet, he imparted hope in his fellow readers, by saying that one has to be a student throughout his/her life, learning from people and implying it in one’s daily endeavours. “Your hard work would definitely pay one day”, he said with an utmost flair in his eyes which captivated its readers with love and respect for the man.

Spinach and Sauve, being the spicy sensation from the fashion world, talked about the dark secrets of the fashion industry. She said “The fashion world today is working on people’s insecurities. But in reality, fashion is who are you are, instead of people telling what you are.” She shared how her dark times of depression lead to her rejuvenation for working for animal rights and further on revolutionizing the fashion world using vegan products. Coming from a background of spiritual energy she talked about the energy of animals being higher than that of humans and how products like egg and chicken instil in us fear and negative energy.

Expedition: A Journey of a Thousand Miles, another human book, talked about hope and never giving up on your dreams and said if one has the determination everything would fall in place. Human book- Bullet Raja,  who told audience how his love for motorbikes changed his life; the Right Spin talked about how each choice leads to a better outcome; the furever happy guy talked about animal rescue as his sole purpose in life; the Virago, shared her start-up journey, how she carved a successful venture from scratch. Audience was enlightened about ‘how words can change the world’ by the Unconventional Storyteller.

Shivani Goel (the organizer for the event) reported to PUMirror about the basic context of the event,”The way we judge the book by a cover before buying it, we unconsciously judge the people by their faces too. We here are to challenge that stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. The only way to eradicate the associated stigma is to sit, talk and converse. Once we get to know the actual life story of the person, we see them beyond their looks, identity, profession, illness, religion, etc. The vision of this event, this library is to promote humanity.

Manmit Kaur Chabbar from the audience explained her experience to PUMirror as utterly amazing. She said, “The concept of Human Library is unique. Reading a book at times might get boring but listening to it is astonishing experience. Getting to know the life stories of people by them itself, has a special power that fills one with positive energy.” The event ended on a high note with all the books applauded for their valuable life stories and time.Two human books; The Right Spin and Prima Ballerina were given the Best Seller award.

All and all it was an event filled with hope and inspiration.

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