Oh Girl, you are a fire-cracker, surging explosions in my heart (Kudi tu pataka, che dil dhamaka). Well, how exquisitely the poet has used a metaphor that affirms about the beauty of a lady. Sir John Donne, The Father of Conceits, will surely be blessing these ingenious artists, who have made such extraordinary comparisons for their beloveds. The poet is being very assertive and means that a girl is filled with explosives and when she passes through, it looks like fireworks. This candid expression clearly states that being a girl, you are no different from the rockets and ‘fuljharis’ we use during the festive season.


The frankness of the artists, who address a lady with such beautiful epithets, validates how far we have come in the era of modernization. Just to produce a ‘swag’ song (as we put it these days), people end up objectifying women. They are considered as an object for ‘sight-seeing’ or a place for ‘holiday-making’. With so many bees in their bonnet, these artists slight the root of their existence. They underline their ugly inclination towards the opposite sex. It is ironical, that, on social networking sites we are intolerant of such injustice against women, but in reality we are just singing it differently.


The manifestation of the songs like “Chako Chako Chako kuch fresh naio milda’ OR ‘I swear choti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu”, clearly highlights the habits of stereotypical men, who are still critical about women and treat them as sex objects. Their impertinence for a woman is a strong indictment on our civilised cum modern society.  It undermines the dignity of a lady and portrays a clear picture that a girl is just a pleasure-seeking toy for people like them. Songs have always been a major source of entertainment and therefore they attract people of every age. The implication of these songs can be seen amongst youngsters.


A child in a tender age, unaware of the facts prevalent in this world, listens to these songs and learns un-ethical values that will stay in his mind forever. His cognizance combines such an inappropriate image of a woman. These children grow up to become such men, for whom, girls are a key to a playroom!

It is very important for people to understand that women are no fire-crackers and they do not fall in love for a Jaguar! A woman does not get intimate for the guy to pay her party bills or to get a Gucci purse! A woman is full of emotions; she curbs her afflictions to gain your affection. She trusts you and falls for you. If you choose the one night stand, then no one makes you eligible to question the character of a girl! Someone’s virginity is not a measure of her heart. Let’s understand today that your girl is not a piece of cake that you eye on her greedily, she is the red-red rose in the garden of your heart!

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