Does your opinion matter?


A child is a beautiful creation of God. God has given him all the senses necessary for its survival in this beautiful, but dangerous world. Everyone has got their own ability to think and response to every situation that comes one’s way. But instead of developing a child’s own skills in natural ways., what the society teaches him is just to follow the footsteps of others. To carefully work according to his elders’ demands, because ‘elders are elders” and no matter what nature they themselves might possess, they are always thought of as right.

From childhood, one is forced to follow the instructions of their elders. A child is not even explained why he/she has to do it. Why is it right for him/her? Elders are just right, no matter what. This not only harm the kids generally at that point of time, but also doesn’t let a child develop his/her own thinking and reasoning ability.

Generally, people consider the opinion of elders more prominent, more reliable than anyone younger than them. This doesn’t just happen with us when we are a kid but also does when we become adults. We generally have to follow the instructions of our family members.

Indirectly in many cases, our family takes all our decisions. After our high school, we are asked which stream we want to take and what we want to pursue in our career. But what about the spoon-feeding we are getting from our childhood, that “You have to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer”? That is automatically installed in our minds, and so in many cases by the time you actually realize that stream is not for you, it is too late. But yes, consider yourself lucky if you were at least asked once- some children are even not asked about it.

This can even govern other decisions- like when someone should get married and sometimes even when someone should have their child.

We sometimes understand and take the fact positively- since they are our parents, they can take our decisions. But do you know the worst part? The ‘Society’ which is always referred to before taking any important decision of our lives. Be it career choice, “Arts le li toh log kya kahenge, bacha nalayak hai kya?” (What will people say if you take up arts- is the child not intelligent enough?) or while getting married when inter-caste, or inter-religion marriages become an issue. We all must have heard such sentences prevailing in our society.

But were we born to fulfill the purpose of life, or to fulfill the purpose of society? What even is the purpose of our life? To see where our happiness lies, or to check where the society’s happiness lies?

What would you do? Listen to yourself or just keep getting lost in thoughts of society.

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