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If you think that ‘Doctors’ is just another Korean drama, you got to think again! This series starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won, is definitely going to slay your heart with it’s convincing storyline! The drama as the name says, revolves around the doctors. As in all love stories, it’s predetermined that the leads would fall in love, but what matters is, what they do in order to survive.

The story is of a beautiful girl in her teenage, more of a rebel. How she is irritated of her life and also at the same time frustrated of her surroundings, paves the way for the further plot. She is involved in fights and would even do anything to calm herself. She hears people telling her how she is an evil, would ruin herself and bring a bad name to her family. And if not anything else, she has a double tough life of a gangster!

But just when she needs someone who would take a good care of her, someone who would love her; she meets her mentor who helps her transform from a gangster to a doctor. The rest of the plot involves of how she works hard to be a better version of herself. So much so that, she doesn’t let any one bring her down. She fights and isn’t afraid of her past. Quite a type who says, “Bring it on! I’ll fight and take the crown.”

Park Shin Hye as Yoo Hye-jeong plays the character considerably well, and convinces the audience of her life as a gangster and a transformation due to love. Kim Rae Won supports in an equally better manner in the role of her mentor, Hong Ji-hong and thus, makes the love story complete.

The song tracks match the drama so well, that it seems that they were made to express what the character actually feels. When the tracks are played during a particular scene, one might even get chills.

On and all, the ‘Doctors’ is something you shouldn’t miss! It definitely will give you an adrenaline rush.

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