Do or Do Not, There’s Coffee


Love Coffee?  The first thing you want when you wake up is your Coffee Mug? Surprise! You probably aren’t drinking enough, says Science (and Coffee addicts too.) Coffee is not just a beverage it’s an emotion for the ones, who love it. Their heart like, mine says; “I Love it when the Coffee kicks in and I realize what an adorable badass I’m going to be today”

Are you someone who cannot get satisfied with one mug of Coffee? Do you too need a second mug, then third, fourth and fifth? Then one around 2 pm to help you make it through afternoon? Do you sometimes think to cut back on Coffee?  Never, Right? You always feel there’s space for more.

Well, there’s some good news! A surprising finding from a team led by ‘Giuseppe Grosso’, a University of Catania in Italy says,  that their team reviewed on some analysis on coffee consumption with a simple goal: To determine if Coffee is bad for you like, researches claim, or actually good for you like, claimed by the rest.

So as per their research, the struggle is over now and we have what seems to be a definitive answer; COFFEE IS GOOD FOR YOU! Provided you aren’t a new child. For others, coffee has impressive benefits. Coffee lowers the risk of many cancers, it decreases the chances of cardiovascular disease and keeps both Type 2 diabetes at bay. No wonder coffee drinkers have longer lives in comparison. Quite like, green tea and dark chocolates, coffee is packed with antioxidants.

The Research done by Grosso and his team claims that 4-5 cups of coffee, which have 8 ounce capacity are recommended for an individual. Also, other researches show, that 3-4  cups of coffee a day will not hurt you i.e. roughly 400 milligrams of Caffeine.

But, on the flip side, if you’re habitual of loading your coffee with lots of sugar then you need to curb that impulse. Coffee isn’t bad for you, but the sugar you treat it with is very bad for your health. Back in 1960s the Sugar industry wanted a research on its health effects but had to pull the plug on, that research because they got to know the affect sugar can have on a human body. According to a research done in 2005, nothing else comes close to providing antioxidants to human race than coffee

The list doesn’t ends here, Researches also claims that; coffee can make you feel happier and reduces depression. Coffee can make you a better athlete. Coffee keeps your brain healthy for longer. Coffee makes you Intelligent. Just the aroma of coffee helps you stress less, and…

 It is so yummy! Moral of the Story ?

COFFEE is the best and there’s nothing like too much of it. So go ahead and drink that second, third and fourth cup but, just be careful of what you put in. 

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