DIWALI – Festival of Lights or Festival of Pollution


Diwali is just around the corner and India is in a festive mood . Brace your self for a week of sweets hogging , gifts, random guests and FIRECRACKERS . Wheather it’s Firkis for the kids or Fuljhadis for the aunties or the noisy ‘bambs’ or the need to fire more skyshots than your neighbours ,  Firecrackers have always been a central part of Diwali celebrations everywhere ( I beg your pardon Lord Ram and Lord Laxmi, but it’s true ) . And we often see children firing them since the week preceeding Diwali .

But every year we hear and read loads about how the crackers burst during Diwali are harming our enviornment and causing pollution . But is a Cracker free Diwali overrated ? We let you decide !

Here are 6 things that you need to know before you celebrate Diwali this year

  1. If you were to go through ancient texts and scriptures about Diwali and its origin  , you would not find firecrackers mentioned anywhere . That’s because one ,they did not exist during those days therefore two , they are kind of amade up tradition,no matter what reasons we now give for this .
  2. The crackers that are fired during Diwali all over india emit extremely high levels of toxic gases ( Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide ) and Particulate Matter ( those are tiny pieces of matter that are smaller than 2.5 ) . Now these are very very dangerous. They over time can cause serious Respiratory problems , breathing difficulties and even premature death . After Diwali it takes more than a week for the air to be clear again .WE ARE LITERALLY POISONING OURSELVES ! ( If you don’t believe me use google )
  3. Most of you were born into families that are well off . Atleast well off enough for you to not have to start working at a young age .  So many people in India aren’t . Children from such families work in these firecracker factories . At young ages of 6-9 they are exposed to all these dangerous chemicals .
  4. The Noise Pollution generated by these firecrackers is way above the permissible Decible level . It can cause serious damage to the ear drums , esp of the young children that are genereally closest to them . Also it causes extreme stress and anxiety in animals and birds . Haven’t you seen how scared your dogs are of crackers ?
  5. Crackers , specially ones like the very popular ‘Murga Chap Ladi’ are responsible for producing so much garbage .About 4000 metric tonnes of additional garbage is generated generated during Diwali in Delhi alone . And this garbage isn’t easy to dispose as its hazardous . Anybody who handles them is also exposing themselves to these chemicals .
  6. One night of Diwali can cause as much Pollution as is generated in ONE YEAR in some cities . In cities like Delhi , Pollution was 9 times more on the day after Diwali as compared to a normal

It’s time all of us took the Initiative to celebrate an ‘ECO FRIENDLY DIWALI’ .We don’t necessarily have to stop firing Crackers altogether , but if each of us decides to at least burst LESS Crackers we can make a huge difference TOGETHER . And it will be for no one else but US . Moreover there are so many other things you can do with the money you will be saving ( Hint : Diwali Sales at EVERY PLACE !)

Have a Green and Safe Diwali


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