Ditch Google, Look for Answers Within


We all often encounter dilemmas that continue to persist, and Google is the lender of the last resort. Ironically, similar situation happened to me while I was thinking to write on the same.

It’s flabbergasting to know that a man-made search engine has replaced rational human approach towards any proposition; be it a toddler’s homework, office work or any diminutive thing. We trust Google more than the people in our vicinity. It is high time to comprehend that Google can give fabricated answers to our questions but, cannot perceive them at a personal, social or intellectual level. We cannot develop a compatibility level with the most hyped search engine as we maintain with ourselves and our fellow mates.

The real elucidations to our problems lies within us. Google cannot judge or answer as to how mercurial we are or what is our caliber and it can never dictate as to where we will land up after five or ten years. We all need to swallow the fact that, the genesis of Google was from a human mind. So, isn’t it foolish on our part to rely on a software run application rather than our stupendously excellent minds? Don’t you think we can pass the buck by Googling on any task but eventually it is our creativity, intellect and knowledge that will help us to perform it?

The biggest question that arises is that how can we replace our inner conscience with Google, to understand, analyze and predict the human predicament or demeanor? Only we know how to tackle ourselves through thick and thin. For instance, we can look for symptoms and remedies of depression on Google but the root cause behind of the epidemic lies deep beneath ourselves. There might be a limit to the resultant pages on Google but human mind is infinite, with no boundaries.

In a nutshell, the development of every individual, troupe, nation and the world swings on the hinges of human mind. Man himself is the best answer and remedy to all his questions and problems and a search engine can never outdistance a human brain or inner conscience. For human mind begins, where Google ends. And do not forget, “Goggle is not omnipresent, but human mind is!”

About the Author:

Niti Goyal (SD College 32)

Niti Goyal
(SD College 32)

First a thinker and then an observer, sharing views is what I love,
Try to see the world from a broad horizon, an explorer with adventure in my mind,
Writing out my heart is what I am good at!


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